P.MAI brings elegant style to backpacks Stylish Accessories 11 hours ago Bring Back Backpacks This is the backpack you should have had as a kid, but would've completely ignored since it didn't feature your favorite... Flyte is a home lamp that defies gravity Around the house 3 days ago The lamp, simplified. When our great grandparents first got electricity in their homes, flipping on a light was magic! Flyte brings magic back to... PlayDate: the smart toy for your pet! Emerging 4 days ago Your pet will have a ball! Miss your dog while on vacation? Wonder what your cat is up to while you're at work? Show your four-legged friend you're... Luna facial cleanser enhances your beauty routine Daily staples 5 days ago Feel clean. Look refreshed. Sometimes the daily beauty routine is relaxing, other times it's a rush. Whatever kind of day you're having, make the... URB-E Scooters are a fun solution for short commutes Fun Wheels 6 days ago Unfold, scoot, fold, repeat. For those who love the feel of the feel of cycling, but don't quite have the stamina to make it a primary commuting... Roccbox lets you stone bake pizza anywhere! Emerging 8 days ago Italian-style pizza in your own backyard! It's a beautiful summer evening. Sunset. You're in the back yard. And you're preparing a stone baked... Floatti smart suitcase makes great travel companion Emerging 11 days ago Travel smarter with a tech-friendly suitcase Floatti is attempting to create the perfect suitcase for the connected generation of travellers.... Silvertip brush is an essential part of a smooth shave Classics 12 days ago The best shave possible. Every day. If you don't shave with a brush you're shaving wrong. Sorry, but it's true. After you switch to using a brush... Combat household spiders with the ultimate trap Around the house 14 days ago The itsy bitsy spider...OMG it moved! Quick! Someone get it! Humans are born with only two fears, heights and loud noises. Everything else is... Corkcicle chills, pours, and stores your favorite wine Kitchen Tools 14 days ago Store, pour, repeat. Give each bottle of wine you pour every advantage to make it taste its best and keep longer by using the Corkcicle.ONE.... Heads up display keeps your eyes forward while driving Emerging 18 days ago A heads up display in any vehicle Don't wait for futuristic technology to roll out with new vehicles. Make your Corolla feel like a fighter jet... Kindle gets classy with the Oasis E-readers 18 days ago Reading a book should feel like reading a book The Kindle Oasis combines the best features of e-readers, but packages them with the feel of... Down Puffy is the rugged blanket with premium comfort Outdoor Gear 19 days ago Wrapped up in outdoor fun? Wrap up in a Down Puffy! {.intro} Ever have to hunker down inside of a puffy, down-filled jacket, when you're outside... Handmade silver bookmarks bring new tales to old stories #timelessclassics 20 days ago A new chapter The words we read can inspire greatness within and take us on adventures we can only imagine. For those who treasure the written... Capture your entire day with a wearable camera Wearables 21 days ago Capture the moment. Capture every moment. If you have an inkling that the day ahead is going to be unforgettable, ensure every moment is... Luci solar lanterns are a bright idea for outdoor lighting Outdoor Lighting 24 days ago Great ideas for the great outdoors On your deck or off the grid, there's no need to be left in the dark. Luci Solar Lanterns help light the way... Buyers Guide: The best wireless bathroom scales Site Stuff 24 days ago 10 The next scale you buy needs to do a few things or you shouldn't buy it. It should measure your weight (duh). It should be able to estimate your... Kasimir makes tough but cute cheese grater Kitchen Gadgets 25 days ago Welcome a new character into your kitchen. Some things in the kitchen are functional tools. Some things are fun decor. Some things are both.... Wildflowers Turn Phone Cases Into Mini Gardens Gadgets and Gear 27 days ago Fresh flowers, hand-picked for your phone. In a world of plain, protective, phone cases, one designer has created something beautiful and... Dispense candy. Dispense memories. Kitchen Gadgets 28 days ago Like taking candy from a robot! When you were a kid and walked past a candy dispenser at a restaurant, the grocery store or a hotel, the treats... The Tesla You've Been Waiting For Luxury Rides 1 month ago First, Tesla changed our impression of electric vehicles. Now, they've changed our impression of Tesla. Tesla taught us three things about... Device valet stores and charges gadgets Gadgets 1 month ago Smart storage We have the luxury of owning sleek and beautiful personal tech. There is a certain amount of prestige that comes with owning the... Eames Lounge offers the best seat in the house #timelessclassics 1 month ago Timeless Comfort Trends and tastes change from decade to decade, but some home decor is classy enough to always remain stylish. An Eames chair... See the big picture with a mini projector Entertainment 1 month ago Your favorite movies. Your favorite pictures. Anywhere. The first projector built for smart devices is here. And it's tiny. RIF 6 has created... Stovetop kettle adds smoky flavor goodness to dinner Kitchen Tools 1 month ago Smokers welcome. This is the typical thought process when we hear a great cooking tip: Learn something new. Say "We should try that sometime."... Smart typewriter makes old feel new Office Tech 1 month ago Type like a writer. Scotch optional. Thoughtful writing requires a thoughtful instrument. The Qwerkywriter helps craft your best thoughts in suave... The TableAir is an attractive and expensive standing desk A pricey but sexy standing desk 1 month ago Standing desks are getting quite popular these days. We know sitting in a chair all day is not very beneficial for our health, so as demand for... The 18-inch tablet you may actually be interested in VIEW THE STARS 1 month ago Samsung's biggest Android tablet yet is an enormous portal into a galaxy of content. It's not just smartphones that are getting bigger. As Android... The world's most intelligent charger? Maybe it is 1 month ago There's a new Kickstarter campaign running for a phone charger offering something innovative. It's called UsBidi, and it promises to be the most... This 53-megapixel camera might be the best point and shoot camera ever made 53 MEGAPIXELS! 1 month ago There is a new camera out that promises to pack DSLR-quality photography into a pocket-sized point and shoot body. It's called the Light L16, the... Sennheiser's best headphones ever cost $55,000 Headphones or a new car? 1 month ago German audio company Sennheiser has announced an update to their Orpheus line of premium headphones. It's an update to the Orpheus HE90's that... Wirelessly charge your device with this bamboo table Cables suck! 1 month ago QI Charging is pretty awesome, you simply place your QI-compatible device down on a charging pad, and it charges. No messy cables, no finicky... This fitness tracker from Fossil focuses on fashion first Fashion First 2 months ago Fossil has unveiled a new addition to its lineup of Q wearables with the Q Motion. These smart shoes from Under Armour track your run Connected Run 2 months ago Under Armour's SpeedForm Gemini 2 RE running shoes, which sport a bit of connected gadget smarts, are now on sale direct from Under Armour.