Philips Hue Beyond

Philips Hue Connected bulbs are expensive little pieces of technology, but contain the power to transform your home into an advanced humble abode. The company is now looking to take its bulb tech and install it in hard-wired light fixtures. Prices for the Hue Beyond range start at £299 ($500) for a table lamp (with no Connectivity Hub included), so be prepared to fork out some serious funding...

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LG tricks out its curved OLED TV in Swarovski crystals

LG Swarovski curved OLED TV

While we've seen mobiles and wearable devices get the Swarovski crystal treatment before, this is the first time we're seeing a TV getting bedazzled. LG is collaborating with Swarovski in launching a blinged-out version of its cubed OLED TV, which the manufacturer will be showcasing at IFA this week. According to LG, the 460 luminescent Aurora Borealis crystals embedded by hand using custom-...

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Samsung and Swarovski bling out the Gear S

Gear S Swarovski

Looking to add a dash of style to the Gear S once it launches in October? Samsung is giving its curved screen smartwatch the Swarovski treatment by announcing a range of straps that features crystal studded designs. Samsung says that the Swarovski cut crystals "perfectly complement the chic, curved design of the Gear S." If you're worried whether the crystal arrangement is out of vogue,...

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Elgato announces Eve connected home accessories, Avea smart light bulbs ahead of HomeKit's arrival

Elgato is jumping into the home automation space ahead of Apple's broader HomeKit push when iOS 8 debuts this fall for consumers. Ahead of Apple's plans and the IFA trade show, the company has announced a range of products under the Eve brand and some colorful connected light bulbs that should integrate nicely into your iOS ecosystem this fall. The Eve products will come with products to...

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This LG G Watch charging dock looks gorgeous

Moduul G Watch dock

Looking for a great way to charge your LG G Watch that's not boring or ugly? The standard G Watch charging base works well (we love the magnets) but it lacks in the sexy department. A lot. A small start-up from Sydney Australia aims to change that with their Indiegogo campaign for the Moduul smartwatch dock. Built from metal and hardwood, you use a standard charging base and you can display...

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ASUS CEO says ZenWatch will cost under $199 and will be out in October

asus zenwatch

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen has reportedly stated that its upcoming ZenWatch device will be priced under $199 and that it will be released sometime in October. Shen made these statements well ahead of the company's official reveal of the device at IFA 2014 in Berlin on Wednesday. The ZenWatch, which is expected to be based on Android Wear, will support English-based voice recognition, according to...

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MOTA SmartRing promises to offer mobile app alerts on your finger

mota smartring

The smartwatch or smartband is apparently old hat to a company called MOTA, which announced today an upcoming product called the MOTA SmartRing, which it says will provide mobile app notifications on a device that can fit on a finger. The SmartRing can offer alerts for text messages, incoming calls, calendar alerts and more. MOTA says: "Users decide for themselves exactly who they want...

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Sony to finally add theme support for PS4 in upcoming update


Sony announced today that an upcoming firmware update for their PlayStation 4 game console will finally allow it to download and install different user interface themes for placement on its dashboard, which is something that the older PS3 console has supported since it launched in 2006. In a press conference in Japan today, Sony said the PS4 themes would include game-themed wallpapers that...

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From the Editor's Desk: What's Happening Now

Conencted Devices

We're moving into September, and that means Connectedly has been up and running just about four months now. We set out to be the best connected device site on the planet, and we're well on our way. We scour the web daily in search of the best connected products — and in addition to bringing you the daily news — we've been hard at work on some things that we think will be of great use to you,...

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Samsung expands its Smart Home portfolio, providing a sneak peek into the future

Samsung has today announced new products and services, expanding its Smart Home portfolio. The company is using IFA 2014 to refresh its connected home vision by increasing home safety, improving energy management and bringing future tech to the home of today. From digital door locks to IP cameras, the expanded Smart Home range of products - including third party solutions - enable consumers to...

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