Synchronized Philips Hue lighting hopes to bring the fright to watching Sharknado 2

As if the thought of watching Sharknado 2 wasn't scary enough an idea in itself, the movie's creator is pairing up with Philips to create an immersive experience by allowing you to pair the cinematic experience with Hue lighting to create a synchronized light track with the movie. Users who download the SyFy Sync app for iOS can bring the self-fright by getting the Philips Hue bulbs to pulse in...

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The Smart Keychain can store your files, check your email and locate your lost keys

Not everyone is buying into wearables just yet, so some companies are offering up some other options. One such new device is the Smart Keychain — a small flash drive that can also show you important emails and calendar events. It's not as robust as smartwatch would be, but it still gives some smart functionality to those who don't want to go overboard. Oh, and it will help you find your lost...

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Lenovo teams up with Vuzix to offer M100 Smart Glasses in China


Lenovo has teamed up with Vuzix and will soon be offering the M100 Smart Glasses in China. With sales beginning in September, Lenovo will begin marketing the connected eyewear as part of their New Business Development (NBD) brand. The M100 Smart Glasses feature voice recognition, mapping and various other cloud-based services. Expected to retail for around $1300USD, the M100 glasses will be...

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Today IFTTT has added another big name to their list of available channels as Square is now available for your automating pleasure. Using the robust IFTTT system, Square users can now create various recipes to track transactions, receive alerts, and much more. To get started, you simply need to activate the Square channel within IFTTT, and you can then add recipes for all kinds of fun things...

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The Bluetooth enabled Lechal 'smart shoe' goes on sale in September


India-based Ducere Technologies plans to start selling their Lechal 'smart shoes", which link to the Google Maps app on a smartphone via Bluetooth, sometime in September. So what can a "smart shoe" do that others cannot? According to the Lechal website, the shoes can link to the Google Maps app and, via both Bluetooth and haptic hardware built into the shoe, let their wearers know where to...

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Razer Nabu

Razer has confirmed that its up and coming Nabu wearable will integrate with the WeChat messaging service. The wearable is attempting to bind together both the smartwatch and fitness band, offering consumers a single product to carry out multiple tasks. The band itself is set to debut in China, before heading to the US and other targeted markets. As previously touched on, the retail price is...

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Sense sleep monitor aims to track your tossing and turning through your pillow

Sense is a new connected accessory that hopes to help you have a better day through better sleep. Comprised of two parts, a Sleep Pill that clips on to your pillow to measure movement in bed and a a Sense module that sits on a nightstand or table to analyze your surroudings, the system will tell you how well you sleep at night and perhaps why you were restless in bed. Unlike many existing...

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LittleBits' newest module brings the cloud to your custom widgets


The magnetically-attaching circuit boards of LittleBits are connecting now to the cloud with the new CloudBit module. LittleBits works by modularizing the various components that go into building an electronic device, allowing tinkerers to snap together a custom 'board', apply some programming, and make things happen. The CloudBit module adds long-awaited network connectivity to the mix with Wi...

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The Canon Pixma MG7120 lets you print anything from anywhere

Canon Pixma

For as long as I can remember, I've had the same old printer in my office — mostly collecting dust or serving as a resting place for other office supplies. It wasn't until about two years ago when it finally gave out and I upgraded to a newer, Wi-Fi connected printer (ooh, Wi-Fi!). It was great to be able to print from anywhere in the house without having to be connected to the printer itself,...

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Reviewed: INSTEON home automation system


There are loads of awesome home automation systems available now, but one that has been around for a few years now is Insteon. The system includes a variety of sensors, cameras, switches, a thermostat and of course a hub to tie it all together. There are a few sizes of starter kits to get you going, ranging from the $199 Starter Kit to the $299 Home Kit to the $499 Business Kit. You can also...

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