It's been a while now since Parrot first announced the coming of their MiniDrones, and tomorrow you'll finally be able to get your hands on one. Starting Friday, both the Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo will be available in a variety of retail stores (and assumedly online) for $99 and $159 respectively. Best Buy, Brookstone, the Apple Store and Sprint will all be carrying the latest connected...

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Teardown of second Oculus Rift VR helmet finds Galaxy Note 3 display inside

oculus rift

The iFixit team has taken apart the second hardware development kit for the Oculus Rift, and discovered that the virtual reality helmet has the exact same display that is used on Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. The revelation comes near the end of iFixit's article, which states that not only does the helmet use the same 5.7-inch Super AMOLED 1080p screen as the Galaxy Note 3 but that the...

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Revolv hub gains Nest support and new Android app


Today Revolv, the home automation hub that brings together all of your connected home devices, has picked up Nest support and is also welcoming a new Android app. With the added support, users will now be able to integrate their Nest thermostat with other devices in the home, creating automations or controlling Nest through the Revolv app. The Revolv hub connects to your existing connected...

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Ford to host app developer conference at CTIA's Super Mobility Week

Ford Applink

Ford has announced today that they will be holding their first ever app developer conference on September 8th, in conjunction with the Connected Car Expo at Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas. Conference attendees will learn how to create in-vehicle apps and features, and see the new capabilities of apps with vehicle data. "Major technology companies host annual developer conferences,...

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Runtastic Orbit keeps things focused on the run

Runtastic Orbit keeps things focused on the run

Runtastic, best known for their suite of fitness apps, has today released their Orbit fitness tracker. The Runtastic Orbit tracks a users steps, fitness activities, calories burned, sleep cycles, and even ambient light. The Orbit uses Bluetooth smart to connect to the companion smartphone app, features and OLED display on the front and is waterproof up to 300 feet. Available for $119, the Orbit...

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Pebble Android app updated with interface improvements, time zone fix

Pebble app and watch

The Pebble Android app is bumping up to version tonight with several fixes and interface improvements, including changes to the interface for managing connection of your Pebble and the "My Pebble" view. This latest version tweaks a few things to make them more visually appealing, but also contains some under-the-hood changes such as correcting for time updates when a user's phone...

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Control your lights with your voice using VOCCA


Check out this Kickstarter campaign for the VOCCA. It's a simple, plug and play bulb adapter that's activated by voice with no need for Wi-Fi. There are 59 days left in this Kickstarter campaign. You'll want to pledge at least $29 to get a VOCCA at the early bird price. Otherwise it'll go for $39, or you can spend $42 to get the Pro version where you can customize the trigger. Anyone...

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Janelle Monáe and Samsung cozy up for Electric Lady

Janelle Monae

When it come to pop culture, it seems that no matter what it is, Samsung finds a way to get all up in it. The latest example is Janelle Monáe's Electric Lady music video. Right from the start, Janlle is carting an S5 out the door when she stops and says, "Ooh, ya'll look so cute. I'm gonna take a picture," and proceeds to do so on her Gear 2. If you watch close enough, you'll see plenty...

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Google Glass heads to the surgical suite for the next generation of doctors

Glass for budding surgeons

CrowdOptic has announced it will offer its technology made for the Google Glass wearable computing device to the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Stanford University Medical Center, in order to assist medical residents in how to perform surgeries. CrowdOptic has created a way for a Google Glass user to see what another person wearing the same device is seeing just by looking in their...

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Archos Smart Home gets you connected, but you can probably do better

Archos Smart Home

Archos recently released their latest offering in the connected home space, dubbed Smart Home. We first checked out the system back at CES in January, and Archos has recently made the starter kit available in the U.K. The Archos Smart Home system offers smaller, less expensive components than most other systems but still boasts many of the same features (and is also lacking a few). The $250...

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