The good folks at Pebble today are kicking things up a notch with a new software update that allows for full activity tracking and sleep monitoring for all Pebble watches. No longer will you need your Pebble on one wrist and a fitness band on the other — Pebble now does it all. Today, Pebble is announcing new health and fitness apps from Misfit, Jawbone, and that allow you to take...

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Matchstick HDMI streaming video dongle uses Firefox OS


A newly revealed competitor to Chromecast and the Roku Stick is seeking funding via Kickstarter. The Matchstick HDMI video dongle streams Internet content to big screen televisions, but its main feature is that it uses Mozilla's Firefox OS. According to its creators, the fact that Matchstick will use an open operating system like Firefox OS will be a key to its success. They state:...

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google glass

People who walk around Scotland's Edinburgh airport may see a lot more people wearing Google Glass on their heads. That's because the airport's customer service reps have begun a trial of the wearable device to see if it will help them give better answers to travelers. This will be the first airport in the UK to launch a trial of the device. Customer service workers could use Google Glass to...

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Intel announces new Basis Peak fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

Basis Peak

Basis has today announced a new fitness tracker called Peak. The company, owned by Intel, aims to have this new wearable available for purchase in the US from November. Peak is compatible with Android and iOS and emphasizes on health and fitness, sporting numerous features including the ability to keep track of steps, calories, heart rate, skin temperature and more. If you've yet to see a...

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New survey shows game consoles lead in accessing non-gaming Internet content

If you own a game console like the PlayStation 4, the chances are good that you are using it for more than just playing games. According to a new study conducted by Parks Associates, 44 percent of the 10,000 US homes that were surveyed that have at least one connected CE device consider their game console their primary device to access non-gaming Internet content, such as streaming video...

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Doorbot's re-branded Ring Video Doorbell keeps tabs of who's at your door

Doorbot's re-designed Ring Video Doorbell helps you keep tabs of who's at your door

Ring has just announced that its Video Doorbell is now available for pre-order for $199, a discounted price from the normal $249 MSRP. The Ring Video Doorbell combines motion-activated sensors, noise canceling speakers, a microphone, 720p HD video camera, and connectivity with either an Android or iOS device. Thanks to the sensors and the camera, Ring will let you see who's at your door, even...

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Pebble smartwatch currently on sale for just $99.99 at Best Buy


If you have been waiting for the price of the Pebble smartwatch to get a lot lower, then perhaps Best Buy might be able to help. The retailer is currently selling the basic version of the Pebble for just $99.99, a $50 reduction from its normal price of $149.99. While we have seen sales on the Pebble in the past, they have normally cut the prices down by $20 or $30. This is the lowest sale...

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GoPro details new lineup of cameras for adrenaline junkies

GoPro Hero4 Black

GoPro has updated its range of action cameras today with the launch of the Hero4 series. The new line features three cameras targeting different price segments. The Hero4 Black, which is the flagship offering, will retail for $499, while the Hero4 Silver will set users back $399. The entry-level Hero will cost $130. All three cameras will be available starting October 5. The Hero 4 Black...

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SmartThings now integrates with Logitech Harmony remotes for entertainment junkies

Can't wait to turn on the TV when you step in the door? How about coming home to relaxing music on your home stereo system? Now, there's an integration for that thanks to SmartThings and Logitech Harmony working together to create some simple triggers that automate the whole process of connecting your entertainment system to your connected home. For instance, if a door, motion sensor, or...

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Airplane mode no longer required on flights in Europe thanks to new EASA ruling

Through a new decision made by the European Aviation Safety Agency, or EASA, the doors may be opening up to in-flight phone calls, emails, and streaming video on a flight in Europe in the future. Though EASA had allowed the use of personal electronic devices (PEDs) on flights in airplane mode last year, the new ruling on Friday would allow these devices to remain on whether or not they are...

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