10 million Roku players have been sold in the US

By Rich Edmonds on 16 Sep 2014 09:30 am

Roku today shared on the company blog that the 10 million milestone has been hit in the United States, connecting Americans to a realm of entertainment. It has been over six years since the first Roku player was shipped and the company has come a long way, covering more than 1,800 channels. To make everything easier to digest, the Roku team has shared a cool infographic covering the announcement.

To celebrate reaching 10 million, Roku will be giving away ten new Roku 3 units in a Facebook sweepstake. Be sure to head on over to Facebook to join in and chance your luck.

Roku 10M

Excited about Roku hitting 10 million? Share it on social media with the hashtag #Rocku10Million. Here's to enjoying a total of 5 billion hours worth of streaming.

Source: Roku

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10 million Roku players have been sold in the US


Save yourself frustration - only open to U.S. 50 states and D of C...

I read the rules and avoided getting the emails and FB association.

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