Adidas loading offline Spotify playback on its Smart Run miCoach wearable

Adidas SmartRun
By Rich Edmonds on 2 May 2014 08:28 am

Adidas today confirmed the company has worked with Spotify to offer the music streaming service with offline playback on its miCoach Smart Run accessory later this year. The Smart Run, an Android-powered smartwatch, will require users to have a Spotify subscription, but will ultimately offer a complete music experience without internet connectivity.

The wearable runs Android and combines a smartwatch experience with a fitness accessory to boast numerous sensors and features. You're able to connect the device through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but WLAN is required to sync.

If you're a fanatic when it comes to working out and keeping fit, the Adidas miCoach program is pretty solid with coaching, performance monitoring and more. This is also good news for Smart Run owners as Adidas is showing signs of support for the product by adding desired functionality.

Will you be utilizing the offline capabilities when out and about?

Source: Engadget



Spotify on a smartwatch?? Yes please!


If they would offer the free radio service this would be a plus. Spotify does a really good job of finding music I want to listen to.


Smart of Spotify to find other avenues to increase subscriptions.


If you are able to connect bluetooth headphones to the watch, I could understand this. If you simply have to use it as storage for your Spotify playlists, this becomes an added device to carry that is not needed.

Maybe some explanation of how the device actually works will be coming in the near future.


When nike scrapped their wearables division, i think adidas should have done the same and continue to concentrate their efforts on the micoach app.


Also wondering if bluetooth connectivity includes headphones. Not having to bring cellphone on runs would be convenient.

Drew Oswalt

That's great! One less device to carry around during a workout.


Hmm now this makes the miCoach more interesting. I've still not identified the wearable I want to try yet for my fitness tracking. More options are making it way more confusing than I ever thought it would be.


I would use this every day!


I like Spotify for the music service which is free on a tablet. I am not sure about a wearable watch with Spotify though.


This watch looks real nice although I hope it isn't bulky. One thing that I however don't understand is why put so many connectivity options in a watch if you're just not gonna use them most of the time and when you do they have very limited functionality. And as for Spotify on a smartwatch... That's actually pretty smart!


this would be so great for when i go on runs


Nice UI Nice Color
Hope more info come soon!


I used to use MiCoach on my Torch. It doesn't work on BB10 phones, unfortunately. But this product looks great!