Android SDK for wearables coming in two weeks

By Adam Zeis on 10 Mar 2014 08:59 am

According to Google executive Sundar Pichai, the Android SDK for wearables will be arriving in just a few weeks. At the SXSW conference on Sunday, Pichai said that an Android-powered SDK for wearable devices — such as smartwatches — will be made available to developers in just two weeks time.

Google has made no offiical mention of their smartwatch plans however, but it's rumored that their initial smartwatch offering will be made by LG, so it could be a good sign that things are on track with the release of the SDK. Pichai says that Google is dropping the SDK now so that they can get "plenty of feedback" before their rumored device hits the streets. We should see more on Google's smartwatch in the months ahead. 

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Android SDK for wearables coming in two weeks


Unless the rumored nexus watch is true... If that's the case I might have to make a tough decision between it and my pebble steel...

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