Leave a comment and you could win an LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live!

By Adam Zeis on 25 Jun 2014 03:52 pm

Google threw down at today's I/O conference, announcing all kinds of fun goodies like Android Auto, Android TV and of course the new Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch. Running the new Android Wear platform, both devices are set to be available via the Google Play Store later today.

We didn't get to see the much-anticipated Moto 360 in action, but we still get two (presumably) awesome Android Wear devices to play around with. The specs are pretty solid on both devices, so it will just come down to how well they actually work in the real world.

The gesture-based Android Wear will provide notifications that are most important to you at the current time. You can see where you parked your car, when your package will be delivered or if your flight is on time. You can use voice commands to search, and customize to your liking with various different watch faces.

Samsung and LG are first out of the gate with their Android Wear offerings, but there are certainly many more to come over the next few months. So the only question is, which is your favorite?


If you want to get your hands on a brand new G Watch or Gear Live — here's your ticket. We're giving away one Android Wear device of your choice. All you need to do to win is leave a single comment on this post telling us which watch you want and what your favorite Android Wear feature is. We'll run this one up through July 4th, so you have a bit of extra time to think things over.



Awesome guys! Hope I win either one so I can finally start using a smartwatch.


I'm thinking the Samsung Gear Live. Being water resistant and having the heart rate monitor on it the bonus.


Is Moto 360 considered in this? That's the one that catches my eye the most. No feature in particular, it just looks cool.


I NEED another smart watch you can never have enough!


That Samsung Gear Live is looking awesome! Favorite feature, being able to set an alarm with voice command.


I would like the LG G Watch.., the various notification abilities and voice capibilities offered by Google Wear for this smartwatch.


Would love the lg g watch as i really need for use for fitness apps and work emails and hangout chat a I work from home a ton and give more freedom to not be confined to my desk


I want a Gear Live for the AMOLED display.
My favorite feature is probably going to be the handy voice actions. This is unique from most existing smartwatches.


Awesome! I want would love the LG G watch. The feature I love the most is its ability to get info from my phone without taking it out of my pocket in certain situations. Plus it can be used to unlock your phone which is cool!


G Watch. The feature is to leave my phone in my pocket.


I would love to get the Samsung Gear Love. The heart rate and notification is great for a smart watch

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Would love the G watch. Loving the notifications and "ok google" features


I'd like the LG G Watch.

My favorite Android Wear feature is the Navigation. As a frequent biker this can be a game changer!

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I would love a G watch because android wear for one is beautiful and is just a piece of art to look at and two I need something to motivate me to exercise more. ANDROID WEAR IS AMAZING

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Hope I win! Notifications, those are the whole reason I enjoy smart watches.


LG G watch all the way! I think the best feature and the bread and butter of smart watches are notifications.


Would love to try a Samsung watch out and have it work on a nexus device! Probably looking forward to voice control with a ip67 watch the most.

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Definitely Samsung gear! Having a water proof watch while washing my hands would be incredibly helpful! And I want to start running more so a heart rate monitor would be just the thing!


Thanks again for a cool contest — my preference would be the Gear Live due to the nice AMOLED screen. Interested to try out the voice commands and gestures, as well.


Let me win please!

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Gear Live out of these two for sure! Love the ability to take action on any of your notifications!


Android Wear is finally here!

Posted via My Nexus 5 that sorely needs a Moto 360.


LG G Watch looks great! Voice Search functionality on the watch itself is my favorite feature.

Marcus Fernandes

I want the lg g watch. I'm excited to see how the cards will really work and how effective it is

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LG G watch to check my notifications and not take out my phone every 2 minutes.

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The new Gear looks awesome! I'm loving this new site!


I'm loving the G Watch! My absolute favorite feature is the ability to keep me safer while communicating with my wife by being able to keep my focus on the world around me. And I know she would thank you for that!

Brandon Zoua

I have been waiting for these watches for over a year. I signed up JUST so I could comment top win!


Awesome contest. I want the LG G watch. I'm looking forward to getting Google now on my wrist!


LG G watch please, my favorite feature is the ability to switch watch faces.

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The LG G Watch. Mix between music control/receiving notifications while my phone is in my backpack while on the go is awesome!

John Ellison

Smart watches don't seem to be all that well supported. I hope to develop a wide variety of software for the various android wear devices.

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LG G Watch for me. Notification abilities are my favorite feature so far.


I'd like the gear live watch. I already have the first gear but being water and dust resistant would be a huge bonus.

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I think I'd take the Samsung for the Heart rate feature.


Well, I'd love the chance to try one alongside my Fitbit Force :)


Went through 3 smart watches...hoping the Gear Live will be the right one! Love the integration with Google Now.

Amir Hill

It would be awesome to own one of these watches. I hope I win.


Samsung Gear Live, and notifications by far, not having to open my phone constantly would be awesome!


I think out of the 2 I'd probably take the G Watch

George Zikry

I would want the lg G , I think the best feature of android wear is being able to speak to the watch and complete tasks rather than another notification device

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Wouldn't it be nice....

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Awesome! I want the LG G Watch! My favorite feature has to be the voice replies to hangouts messages.


Out of those two I'm thinking the LG, the 360 is still the one I'm holding out for...... But I'll take the LG for free! Feature in most looking forward to is purely notifications at a glance!
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Wanted the G Watch since it was announced. I love the voice activation!

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Samsung Gear Live here, i just want to talk into my watch like Flynn

Jason Lee

I'm still torn. I think I like the G Watch over all but the Gear Live looks a little nicer. Hrm...
Feature wise I am going to absolutely love voice replying to hangout messages!

Seaver Wong

I'm interested in the LG G Watch specs wise. Looks like I can also swap out the bands, so that's a huge plus for me.


Gear live. The best feature is the easy ability to check notifications without being pulled drastically from the real world.


I want the LG G Watch. My favorite feature would have to be Google Now on a smart watch. It seems it would be very handy.


Lg g watch; voice controls.


Would love either watch as my first wearable device.


Samsung Gear Live!
I love the seamless connected experience Google is creating in the different aspects of our lives. The Androidwear is a crucial component of that experience.


Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

There, I want one, they both look pretty cool but I like the G-Watch a bit better I think (can't be sure with just pictures)

I really like the fast notification access rather than looking at my phone, I know it's the very basic functionality but I think it's still the best thing about wearables


awesome... now give me a G watch


I would like the LG G Watch, and my favorite feature of Android Wear is the nearly seamless integration with the phone for all notifications.


Samsung Gear Live for me please!


I'm digging the application integration of the android wear watches. The lyft and pizza ordering example was pretty amazing if you ask me. I'd have to go for the Samsung watch if I had a pick.


I want the g watch. Want it as a perfect partner for my nexus 5 lol.


i love giveaways! and smartwatches! :)

Avinash Patwari

Would it be my first android smart watch :)


The LG G looks nice. More like a real watch than the Samsung...

I'm a cancer researcher, so it would be great to reply to texts/chats while doing an experiment where you can't/shouldn't touch your phone with gloved hands (you know, like 5 hours of my work day). Unfortunately, grad school doesn't pay well enough to get one of these AND pay rent, so I guess I'll keep drooling over the pictures...


Oh man, you guys are awesome. I'd love to win a G Watch!

itr themes

Gotta go with the G Watch, mainly to go with my LGOG. Feature? Well, not sure, I've never used Wear before :P


LG G Watch, the voice capibilities


LG G Watch. Synchronized notifications.


For once, It would be nice to win.


Like the look of the Moto 360. But Android Wear looks awesome. Like the voice activations.


Come on luck

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John Charles2

I would love to win the gear live please ... want to get into shape and it would be the perfect partner


I am thinking the Samsung watch and I will use it mostly to read and reply to text and emails

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I'll take that Samsung Gear Live watch. Or any watch.


Samsung gear live

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I want the g Watch and I want it badly..... I would love the travel alerts feature



hard decision but I'm going with the Samsung please!!


I want a new smartwatch!

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LG G Watch has my vote and I can't wait to see how Google Now works on a watch platform!

Posted via My Nexus 5 that sorely needs a Moto 360.


LG G Watch please... Would love to catch up on notifications without taking my phone out of my pocket...

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LG G Watch.

Favorite feature is getting notifications and acting on them without having to touch the phone.


G Watch. With Tasker it can be the ultimate remote!

El Platanero

I'll go for a gear live.

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I would love the Samsung watch. Just being able to quickly seeing information without whipping out my phone during a meeting.


These watches look awesome. Love what google has done with android wear. I'd go for the Samsung.


I wanna win! Can I, can I?


I want the g watch. I like notifications

Mike Mathias

Only if it works with my Windows Phone!


The Samsung Gear Live would be awesome! Imagine all the pizza i could order from that thing!

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Kristian Aalen Berg

The LG G Watch is my choice. Loving the remote control feature for Google Play Movies and TV! It's actually kind of beautiful. I do enjoy the white one, especially if you pair it with a nice custom strap. Still very interested in the Moto 360 though.
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Corny but here I go....... Smartwatches, gotta catch them all!


G Watch...The design looks nice and it doesnt look bulky


I think the Samsung is better, and that's the one I want. I'm looking for a new wearable to replace my broken fitbit.. hope it supports BlackBerry Z30.


I wonder which will turn out to be better. Who would pick an android watch over pebble?


Never ever win anything but have to be in it to win it. Please pick me, truly love this watch (and site) :)

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The LG watch that is :) been a long time coming

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LG for me! All about the "OK Google"

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LG GWatch. Simply android on my wrist.


Favorite feature? Clearing notifications across devices.
LG G Watch, if I win.


I need the LG G Watch, looks slick.

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LG GWatch, I want to talk to my wrist.


I would want the LG G Watch. The Gear live has the heart rate monitor, but I think LG has made a better looking product. This site is awesome!


I think I'd rather take the G Watch over the Gear Live, I'm not a big fan of what Samsung has been doing lately... but I'd have to say the coolest feature is the tight Google Now integration. It just seems so responsive and intuitive! And I really hope I win, because I never win anything from contests....it's like the universe has forbidden it lol


LG G Watch. My favorite feature has to be the always on display.


Ah, so many smart watches, so few wrists.

I think I'd like the Gear Live since the current S5 and S5 Active are very impressive devices, I would expect the Live to be right up there with them. Right now I'd like to keep up with the World Cup without digging around for my phone. And syncing my work calendar would be handy, to make sure I'm not late going home.

The LG would be nice, but my LG refrigerator isn't very smart and the freezer door handle keeps falling off.


I want the LG. My favorite feature is that it is using a standard API across several devices, meaning we'll see better apps!

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Miguel Manalo

Hooray for Android-powered notification triage!


Oh man i would love this so much! I just traded in my pebble hoping for the 360, but I don't know if I can wait!
And I can't read. I would really prefer the Samsung! I like how much more integrated it is vs Pebble by the looks of it! Plus the classier looks(though not vs the Steel)


I'd love to get my hands on the Samsung Gear. Much prefer the look of it to the LG one (although the Moto 360 is the sexiest by far). Really liked the Google now style cards that they showed off in Android Wear today.


Would love to win the LG G watch. The notifications are probably my favorite feature.


Thanks for running this contest!


I think i would like the G watch..... Please!


Samsung Gear looks good.
Notifications on the watch are a nice Android Wear feature.


Any Android Wear watch is awesome, but the G Watch I prefer to the Gear Live. Dat battery. Favorite Wear feature is the app extensions, once we get those developers on that.


I like the LG G Watch more. I like that I can just glance at relevant information when I need it and that it's unobtrusive.


Lg g watch, i like the voice abilitie of android wear


I'd go for the LG G Watch, since the Moto360 is not part of the deal. Having a Pebble, I think the feature(s) I'm most looking forward to is being able to control more of my phone through the watch. Rather than just being able to see notifications and have only a small amount of control over them.


Hey, I want to win the LG G Watch, because I really want a smartwatch :D. I think the best feature is Google Now. So that I can see the right information at the right time! :)


Awesome!!!!! Thank you for the Chance :)))
Greets from Germany ;)


My favorite thing about the watch is the location aware notifications. I plan on pre ordering one and hopefully winning a lg g watch from your contest for the missus! Thanks for the contest!


Which do you think has better battery life? I'll pick the Samsung Gear Live for now until I learn more and since I have other Samsung devices. I like the dynamic notifications of Android Wear.

Chris McKay

Thanks for offering us this chance, even though I never win anything :). The LG watch (and especially the Moto 360) look really nice, especially for development and reminder purposes.

Jon Slater

I'd love to win the Samsung Gear Live, assuming the Moto 360 isn't in the running, to go with my preordered Tab S 8.4 LTE, when that comes out. I'm looking forward to seeing how they look and work together - and I'm REALLY excited to try the voice commands, the one feature my current Sony Smartwatch 2 is lacking.


I'd love to win the LG G watch. Having notifications and activity tracking on my wrist are my favorite features.


Lg g watch!
Notifications will be awesome AND IT TELLS THE TIME. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

yours faithfully,


is it time to replace my Toq and Pebble with a Gwatch?


I would like to see how they stand up to the Gear 2

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LG. Being able to launch search by the wrist microphone

Jason Singh1

I would want the gear live because I will not have to keep taking my phone out of my pocket and the gps


Definitely the Samsung Gear Live, and my favorite feature of Android Wear is probably the voice capabilities.


Going with the Samsung just because you get all of the features of Android Wear plus the feature I want of a heart monitor. So count me in for this contest. Thanks


Samsung gear live - heart rate


G Watch is the better of the two in my opinion, and I think my favourite feature is probably Google Now integration. I really hope android wear has at least some stand-alone features though, as I'd hate to have to switch watches if I decided to try another phone platform.


I'd go with the Samsung since I have an S4. I just like being able to control audio playback with it. I'm simple like that


I would like the Gwatch, because i love the idea of having information on my wrist!

maretta mona

Samsung gear live, gesture recognition.

Steven Friedmann

I like that it will be customizable. In addition to everything else, of course!

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Don Serrot

Oh! Yes! Do want! Either one would be fantastic! I'm leaning more towards Samsung because of the heart rate monitor, but the extra battery from LG's watch would be good to have too.

As for the favorite feature I personally like the notification sync. There have been quite a few times where I missed something because my phone was muffled in my pocket while I was in a noisy environment and apparently my leg is immune to my phone's vibrate. Having my notifications on my wrist would be incredibly helpful to me.


We'll have to watch how these new devices pan out.


I would love to win the LG G watch, because I love the ui design of android wear! Thanks guys!


I'd love the LG G, and having flight updates always on my wrist is the feature I'm most excited about.


I want the Samsung gear live.Notifications and Google Now is my favorite. Apart from notifications and Google Now i am really interested in how android fit is integrated with android wear. We did not get much info about it from the I/O presentation. Looking forward to your review.


Awesome! I'd like the G Watch. I love how integrated Android wear is with Android. It will be interesting to see if MS can really pull off a nice multiplatform solution.


Love the round faced smartwatch. I'd consider switching to android fully to use it


The gear love for sure: best feature, SEXY ROUND FACE!


I would prefer the Samsung Gear live, sure i love lg but the heart rate monitor makes or breaks it for an athlete.

When it comes down to my favourite feature of the os it would be down to Google now, sure its a centre feature and a notification system but we forget how handy it is. Recently it tells me the weather everyday, upcoming events, my flights, the weather in the next city, travel times and much more. At a swipe information I hadn't got around to checking are there. That is why Google now is my favourite feature.

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Gear watch would be really cool. A watch with a hear rate monitor is a cool idea. I like the looks of that one more.


I'd go for a G Watch. I just like the idea of getting my notifications without having to reach into my pocket for my phone.

John Dorado

Please sign me up for the LG G Watch! My favorite Android Wear feature? Google Now integration.


Gear Live for me. I have already gotten the Pebble to work with Windows Phone. Now I would love the chance to get Cortana running with Android Wear.


Would love the Samsung gear live! I love the ability to review notifications without checking out your phone! Good luck everyone!
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Drew Oswalt

Samsung gear because of the heart rate monitor.

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Would take the LG since Moto360 is not in play. Favorite feature would be notifications.


Comment. Samsung Gear Live please. Notifications mainly.

Charles Wang

Seems like the best smart watch implementation so far. Might have to switch to the dreaded android to try it out.


I would have to say the gear Live if I had to choose. Love the notification feature.


I would like to get a Gear Live, I really like the voice commands

Arpish Shah

Great stuff!

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I like the Samsung Gear Live (though it's well behind the Moto 360 in looks!) and the AMOLED screen should be much better for battery life and black watch faces.


LG. Love the voice actions.

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Between the LG and Samsung I have to go with the Samsung. Seeing notifications without having to reach for your phone and even being able to interact quickly.


Samsung Gear Live. Feature is voice commands for search and setting alarms.

Rob Grieve

LG G Watch, notifications and music controls intrest me


I'd love to win. These watches look amazing!

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I want a G Watch and my favorite feature is the always on "OK Google".


The Gear Live. Why? Because it's not a first gen product. Duh.


Can't miss joining this great opportunity to win. I really like them!

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Dave Pause

I would love to put a Gear on my wrist. Please let me be the winner.


Gear live looks like the nicer of the 2.I love that you dismiss notifications on the watch and they go away on the phone too.

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Hey I'll gladly take a LG G Watch and without a doubt the coolest part about Android Wear is how notifications sync between my devices.


Great announcements today! I'd love the LG watch! My favorite Android Wear feature is how notification dismissals are synced across devices. Makes it a much better feature IMO!


I love that cards will be displayed on the watch face, makes it easier to get useful information in certain situations where you can't look at your phone. Both watches are awesome looking, but I'm gonna have to go with LG G watch simply for its slightly larger battery capacity :-)


Love the lg watch and the ability to dismiss notifications on the watch and have them dismiss on the phone as well.

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Samsung Gear live. I love how the interface automatically pulls in contact photos. Thanks


LG G Watch's feature to control music playing in my phone is my favourite! I want that!


Yay! This is really exciting and I hope this time I get to win something from you guys!
Good Luck to everyone else too! :)


LG G Watch would be awesome! Rich Notifications that will be synced between devices is the one of the features I am looking forward too!

Clyde Jones

oh lemme win lemme win lemme win!!!!!!

LG G Watch. Better battery life wins out over slightly slimmer watch.

Best feature is abilty to not only use Google Now, but also respond to texts, calls, set reminders and control apps, all from the watch.


Lg watch for me. Favorite feature is voice reminders

Imdad Junejo

cannot wait for smart watches to become mainstream.


Samsung Live, just for looks, and best Wear feature is always on. Hurry with draw, so I can order one once I do not win here.

Kris Simundson

I could totally go for a LG G Watch ⌚

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I'd like the LG G Watch because it has a more appealing style to me. The best feature on the G Watch, and just Android Wear in general, has to voice commands. I know that may seem like the safe and maybe even boring feature to choose as a favorite but it's just so comprehensive and natural.


I guess I will take the risk and go with the Moto 360.


While I have a Note2, I'd rather have the LG watch; I trust it to be a little more open than Samsung.

I'm interested in the 2-way cards that let me respond or take actions without getting my phone out.


I could certainly use a smart watch... And Samsung has only let me down once of all the stuff I've boughten of theirs over the years… so I'd go with them


Yes please! I did 0 things at work today while sneakily watching IO...


I love my Samsung Gear 2 Neo, but the Gear Live would be great! I'd love the voice functionality with Google Now compared to S voice.


Id love the Gear Live. I'm always wearing my Galaxy Gear, and really cannot wait to see all the benefits of AndroidWear. Not gonna lie.... I'm a Samsung fan. But also waiting to learn more on the Moto360.

Best feature.... Has to be notifications and I love that the new Gear Live is water resistant.
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Would love to win a Gear Live. That thing looks real slick.


I would like the LG 3-- the look is great; my favorite Android Wear feature are the contextual notifications.


I would absolutely love LG's new G Watch: it's stylish, sleek, and powerful. Access to Google Voice Search, music, and other such things from my wrist would be ridiculously amazing.


I would love a LG G watch for the voice features.


I would love the Moto 360 or even the LG one! As for feature they all sound great!


I'd love the LG G Watch. I'm most excited about the voice integration!


I love how clean, simple, and elegant Android wear is. It looks very seamless. And I would love a LG G Watch! Thanks!


LG G Watch. My favorite feature in Android Wear is the ability to issue voice commands with "OK Google"


G watch for me all day... I love being able to dismiss notifications very quickly and looking up directions without having to use my phone


I'd love a galaxy gear live. Love the fact you can just glance at your wrist to check notifications. Much more convenient


I would want a samsung gear, would give it a friend to use with his note. Best feature is the use of google now.


I'd want the Gear for the heart rate monitor. And honestly the All The Cooks app recipe cards and automated timer functions had me surprisingly excited.

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Samsung gear live and the heart rate monitor, yes.


LG G Watch look more impressive between the two. I'm really excited for the voice commands and the fact that the phone can learn from your habits

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It's close, but I would chose the Game watch. Favorite feature would be people telling me that they need to ditch their IPhone for an Android.

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I would love to have a Gear Live. The ability to control features by saying "OK Google" is just too awesomeee!

Kristen Mcclary

i would love to win this thanks for the chance ive been wanting one for a while


I'd love to have the LG G Watch. I love the use of ok google everywhere and using google maps on my wrist.


Going with the Gear Live; better specs of the two. I like the addition of heart rate tracking.


Gear, please. Because it's not Apple.


Gwatch for me please. The fact that you will be able to use an app on one device and then start using it on another is awesome. Watch to phone to TV to car #boss



jeff hollaway

The always on screen is my favorite feature. I always thought that if it didn't do that, then whats the point? Well done!


I would definitely want a Samsung Gear Live, specially with the heart beat sensor that it has and the IP67

Lim Zheng Ting

I want Gear Live cos it has the heart rate sensor

Shawn Betts

Would love the LG G watch. I like the size.


I'd love to win a Samsung watch because it actually looks like a watch!


Samsung Gear Live please. And I will say the best feature would be the voice activation to me.


My Casio watch actually broke just yesterday so yeah, I'd love to get the LG G watch! Thanks!!


My vote would be for the G Watch. I'm really excited to see what Android Wear will be bringing us in the future.


Samsung Gear Live. I really like the integration of all the fitness stuff.

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Preston Lamb

I would love to win the Gear Live!

My favorite part of Android Wear is being able to see notifications like messages and phone calls without having to pull your phone out. And being able to respond to some of these actions is awesome too. Sometimes pulling out the phone is rude or you just can't get to it, but Android Wear is making that all a little easier.


That are some awesome watches. wld be lucky to get hands on it.


LG G Watch. Love the voice controls.


I would love to win the G Watch. Favourite feature would probably be fitness apps and for messaging.

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I'd love a Samsung Gear Live! My favorite feature is definitely the voice recognition!


Connectedly ROCKS!!!!! I'm in love with both watches!


Would be great to get an android wear watch in my hand. I wonder if the are good

andrew abi-frem

Samsung gear live for having a heart rate monitor and being water resistant


Ooh smartwatches. I'll take a LG one please and thanks


I would want a G Watch because I love the square design versus the Moto 360 and I don't like how the Gear Live looks exactly like the Tizen Gear line.


Totally excited about both watches, but if I had to choose one, it'd be the Samsung all the way...

Favorite feature? Pure google OS on a Samsung device!


waiting for my prize

Rick Jagger

LG G Watch i think ...and fav feature is google now on my wrist. notifications will be v helpful

Neagu Ionut Bogdan

I like the Samsung Gear Live because it has an Heart Rate Monitor...this is the way to go from now on...and the 1.2 GHz Processor...speed :):):)


I like G Watch and I love the fact that developers (like me!) can make their own Wear apps that use the existing UI elements in Google's notification APIs without too much work at all.

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Woohoooo. I gotsa have this.