Apple's smartwatch could arrive with solar power and wireless charging

By Adam Zeis on 3 Feb 2014 09:19 am

The rumors of Apple's smartwatch are abundant, the latest reports coming from the New York Times. According to sources, Apple may be looking to add in both wireless charging and solar power capabilities to their rumored device. We've seen wireless charging in the Qualcomm Toq already and it's on the horizon with other devices, so the real fun here would be solar power. Essentially a way to top off the watch battery via direct sunlight — a very cool option.

We don't know much at all about the iWatch aside from a bucket of rumors, but some recent info makes us believe that it may very well have lots of fitness goodies in store as well. 

We'll stay on top of it all and report back with anything solid as we find it. For now though, yay or nay for solar power and wireless charging?

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Reader comments

Apple's smartwatch could arrive with solar power and wireless charging


I'm not sold on solar power for high end technology charging. Unless Apple is going for an E-paper solution like Pebble or even E-ink, a solar panel would take up valuable realestate and the power conversion would be minimal.

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Not to mention that solar power would mean that you gotta stay near the sun to get your watch charged? I would imagine most people who could own a smartwatch work in an office, so unless they sit near a window, solar charging isn't all that useful at all.

Totally agree with @AwesomeRob and @christopherCKW. I think Apple probably has nothing new to contribute in this space and is, if true, adding solar charging as a gimmick

I'm interested to see how Apple does solar. There are some cool solar power tech concepts that would be pretty awesome for a watch to include.