Atlas workout tracker nears $600k on Indiegogo with a few days to go

By Adam Zeis on 6 Mar 2014 12:13 pm

We've been seeing all types of fitness trackers pop up lately, but one that just caught my eye is the Atlas. Unlike most fitness bands that track your steps, calories or heartrate, Atlas is actually a workout tracker and can track your actual workout. So it knows when you're doing pushups, curls, box jumps and even what stroke you're doing when you swim. 

The average user who is just looking to get healthy may get along fine with something like a Fitbit or Fuelband, but the Atlas kicks things up ten notches for those that are totally serious about working out. It's compatible with a bunch of fitness apps and even has an open API so you can make your own. 

The Indiegogo project is open for just a few more days, so if you want to get it now you can do so with a discount. The campaign is nearing $600k which is well past the $125k they were asking for. The backer devices are set to ship in December, so even though it's months away, it looks to be well worth the wait. Check out the video above for the good and swing by the link below for more info.

Check out the Atlas at Indiegogo

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Atlas workout tracker nears $600k on Indiegogo with a few days to go


Check out Amiigo. It also tracks your actual workout. It went through funding about a year and a half ago and is about to send out the first units in the next month or so.