AT&T offers $50 off select FitBit devices with purchase of HTC One M8

AT&T offers $50 off select FitBit devices with purchase of HTC One M8
By Adam Zeis on 23 May 2014 12:44 pm

AT&T is pairing up one of our favorite fitness trackers with one of our favorite phones, and helping you save money. Starting today, AT&T customers can save $50 on a Fitbit One or Fitbit Flex when purchasing a new HTC One (M8). The HTC One is available on-contract with AT&T for $199 and also comes pre-loaded with the Fitbit app.

The Fitbit One and Fitbit Flex both retail for $99, so saving $50 isn't too shabby if you're looking to pick up a new HTC One anyway. You can pick up the Fitbit Flex in black or slate, or the Fitbit One in black or burgundy. A new Fitbit just might come in handy next month here at Mobile Nations.

Of course, be sure to check out our awesomely awesome HTC One (M8) review if you haven't already.

Source: AT&T

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Thought I'd have a Gear Fit by now but still no go. $50 is a good price for me to buy-in to the fitness device market, but no plans to get an M8.

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The AT&T M8 was as low as $90 on contract before. Personally I would rather save $110 on the phone than save $50, even if you were going to buy a fitbit anyway.


A smart tie-in. The HTC comes with the Fitbit app pre-loaded, as I understand, and since the market is becoming saturated with fitness trackers, pushing people over to one side or another is a smart move. Too bad FitBit doesn't have better customer support.


I'm a bit worried about this... If Apple ever gets into the smart wearables market, I don't think they will have these kinf of promotions. It's like the Galaxy Note + Gear combo that got advertised on every possible inch of the planet