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WeMo sensors

New WeMo sensors spread through the home, including the pipes

A whole batch of new smarthome sensors from Belkin have been announced at CES which include a new WeMo room motion sensor, an alarm upgrade system, and a magnetic sensor for windows and doors. The most interesting of the bunch is an accessory that installs into your home's plumbing to monitor...
Mr Coffee

Belkin and Mr. Coffee team up to offer a smart coffee maker with WeMo app support

Wireless network company Belkin has teamed up with Mr. Coffee to produce the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker. As its name implies, this product can be programmed and controlled remotely by a smartphone app, which in this case is Belkin's own WeMo app for iOS and Android. The Mr. Coffee Smart...

Belkin's WeMo Smart LED Bulbs now on sale in US and Canada

Belkin has announced that its WeMo Smart LED Bulbs, which can be controlled by iOS or Android apps, are now on sale in the US and Canada, both as individual bulbs as well as in a Starter Kit that includes a WeMo Link which can control up to 50 of those lights. Belkin states: As easy as...
Using IFTTT with WeMo

Using IFTTT with WeMo

We've already offered an introduction to IFTTT as a whole. If you remember, IFTTT is the service that automates the Internet. IFTTT stands for If This, Then Than, where the 'this' is the trigger and the 'that' is the action that comes as a result. Overall IFTTT is fairly easy to use, however with...
Getting started with WeMo

Getting started with WeMo

Automating your home sounds exciting, but it may also sound daunting for those unsure of how — or where — to get started. A fully automated home sounds (and likely is) wonderful, but if we are speaking freely, we would have to recognize there are many reasons why that isn't possible for everyone...
Belkin updates WeMo app with new WeMo Light Switch features

Belkin updates WeMo app with new WeMo Light Switch features

Belkin has updated their WeMo home automation apps for iOS and Android with a few new features. Chief among them is a long-press option for their Light Switch, which is recognizable through the popular IFTTT service. There's also new controls to recognize sunrise and sunset, and an away mode...