BlackBerry announces BBM support for Android Wear at CES 2015

BBM Android Wear
By John Callaham on 7 Jan 2015 12:30 pm

BlackBerry has announced as part of its CES 2015 press event that its BBM messaging service is coming too as an app for Android Wear devices. The company said it would be released "soon" but a specific date was not revealed.

BlackBerry said:

Without touching your phone you can:

  • See who a new message is from and read it – while loading grocery bags into the back of your car
  • Review and accept invites from would-be BBM contacts while on the go
  • Flip through several messages to find that one with the address you're looking for – while carrying a coffee
  • Pick from a list of pre-defined messages to quickly send a response – while in a meeting (or class ;) )
  • Use your voice and Google Now to respond to messages hands-free.

Source: BlackBerry

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