Boston introduces new solar-powered smart benches to charge your smartphone

Boston Charging Benches
By Rich Edmonds on 30 Jun 2014 08:23 am

Smart benches in Boston could be the next big thing in charging your mobile device while out and about. Titled "Soofas", these solar-powered benches are to be launched in various parks across Boston, enabling consumers to sit back, relax and provide their phones some juice. The benches are also smart too, connecting to Verizon's wireless network to upload location-based environmental information, such as air quality and noise levels. The first units will be funded by Cisco, at no extra cost to the city.

If you're interested in checking these new benches out, be sure to head down to Titus Sparrow Park, Boston Common, Rose Kennedy Greenway and other participating parks. The Soofas were invented by MIT Media Lab spinoff Changing Environments, a Verizon Innovation Program and the pilot program will run through next week.

Source: Boston Globe

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OK, but are they heated for the winter?

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