British Gas to purchase Hive thermostat maker AlertMe

British Gas Hive
By Rich Edmonds on 13 Feb 2015 07:55 am

British Gas today announced the company will be acquiring AlertMe, the platform provider behind the Hive smart thermostat, for a total of £44 million. British Gas offers Hive to its customers to provide home automation and help save money with regards to heating the home (think of it as a Nest competitor).

Purchasing AlertMe will enable British Gas to expand beyond the Hive thermostat, adding yet more gadgetry into homes worldwide. As touched on above, Hive is directly competing against Google's Nest, so it makes sense for British Gas to ramp up efforts and acquire the company behind its connected home tech.

If you're currently using Hive in the home, you shouldn't notice a difference once AlertMe becomes a part of British Gas.

Source: Hive

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British Gas to purchase Hive thermostat maker AlertMe