This charging dock wants to be just as stylish as your Apple Watch

By Adam Zeis on 13 Oct 2014 11:16 am

With the Apple Watch still months away, there is plenty of time for new accessories to turn up. One of the first concepts to arrive is a charging dock that will let you charge your Apple Watch in style.

The HEDock is an upright dock upon which your Apple Watch rests, connected to the charger which will attach to the back of the dock.

HEDock has an upright charging dock, whick will hold the Apple Watch charger securely. It has a minimalist and industrial design that looks great.. HEDock uses brushed aluminum with environmentally friendly finish and has urethane coating. This will prevent the dock to be rusted, and the Apple watch to be scratched. It also has a charger seat designed to hold the watch charger in place. For stylish look, the Apple watch stand has silver color to match the design language.

The final product will be shipped in 2015 shortly after the official launch of the Apple watch. For customer's satisfaction, the company offers affordable HEDock cost. Buyers can purchase it for $29, 40% off $49 MSRP and free shipping charges.

The HEDock is far from a finished product, but if it all pans out it looks to be a sweet little accessory for Apple Watch owners. You can pre-order one now for $29, but caveat emptor in full force on this one.

If you're interested, you can head to for more info or to pre-order.

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This charging dock wants to be just as stylish as your Apple Watch


My moto 360 charging dock is stylish & simple.... And wireless

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Well that is the smartest way to have chargers for watches now we don't have to buy battery's for the watches anymore now it is esaser