Pebble now supports both traditional and simplified Chinese

Pebble Chinese Support
By Jared DiPane on 17 Mar 2015 05:04 pm

Pebble will now offer support for both simplified and traditional Chinese language support starting right now. Getting your Pebble switched over to Chinese is a quick and easy process that just requires a few steps.

  • Make sure your Pebble's firmware has been updated to version 2.9.
  • Have the Pebble Android app (v2.3+) or the Pebble iOS app (v2.5+) installed on your smartphone.
  • Set your Pebble's language to Chinese (Simplified or Traditional) on your Pebble app in Menu » Settings » Current Language » Selected Language.

If the Chinese language option doesn't show for you the first time around, just close the app and then launch it again and follow the same steps. This is just the first step towards further support as Pebble has launched a beta group as well to continue to improve. The Pebble app on Android and iOS will remain in English for the time being, but they do hope to expand their Chinese support to include the app as well. Pebble had originally started adding localization support for French, German and Spanish and they look to continue to add additional languages in the future as well.

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Pebble now supports both traditional and simplified Chinese