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LG smart appliances

LG's connected appliances launch, texting with your washing machine is about to be a thing

LG has begun rolling out smart appliances that can be controlled via text messages. You can interact with LG's smart appliances via HomeChat, a messaging service that utilizes Natural Language Processing to translate your text messages into actionable commands. The HomeChat service uses Line...
Sonos BlackBerry Z3

The latest Sonos app for Android works on BlackBerry 10

The good folks at Sonos have yet to issue an official app for BlackBerry 10, and sadly the Android app throws connection issues as soon as it starts up. Thankfully there are some third-part options, but they still leave out some of the newer features. Today I came across this thread in the...
Google rumored to be expanding its home automation offering with Dropcam aqcuisition

Google rumored to be expanding its home automation offering with Dropcam aqcuisition

Google has already kicked off its home automation plans with the purchase of Nest, the makers of smart thermostats and smoke detectors, but the company is rumored to be looking into purchasing Dropcam. This next potential acquisition is the brand behind security cameras that stream directly to a...

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Eve smart irrigation system integrates with more

Eve smart irrigation system takes to Kickstarter, hooks into SmartThings system

Santa Clara, California based start up Plaid Systems is currently raising money on Kickstarter to finish development of Eve and Adam, a new connected home irrigation system that taps into the SmartThings platform to help water yards and gardens more efficiently. This new product is, on the...

The best smart lights for your home

One of the easiest ways for to jump into the connected home space is with some awesome connected lighting. Smart lights are simply bulbs (and usually a bridge or hub) that replaces your standard light bulbs and offer more functionality — namely being able to control them from your smartphone or...

The top 5 Wi-Fi routers for your connected home

Last week, we brought you our in-depth guide on choosing the right router for your home network. As mentioned in that guide, having a decent router can make all the difference when it comes to making the best out of your connected devices. Though considering the sheer number and variety of...

Revolv adds a slew of new features and support for additional devices

Today Revolv, the all-in-one connected home hub, has added support for a handful of new devices as well as some great new features. Just last week, Android users saw the release of the new Revolv Android app, and today's updates bring all kinds of new goodies to the table. Revolv users are...

Revolv hub gains Nest support and new Android app

Today Revolv, the home automation hub that brings together all of your connected home devices, has picked up Nest support and is also welcoming a new Android app. With the added support, users will now be able to integrate their Nest thermostat with other devices in the home, creating...
Archos Smart Home

Archos Smart Home gets you connected, but you can probably do better

Archos recently released their latest offering in the connected home space, dubbed Smart Home. We first checked out the system back at CES in January, and Archos has recently made the starter kit available in the U.K. The Archos Smart Home system offers smaller, less expensive components than...
Blink aims for the security camera trifecta: wireless, affordable, and long-lasting

Blink aims for the security camera trifecta: wireless, affordable, and long-lasting

A new Kickstarter project, Blink, is mixing up the standard home security camera model by going truly wireless. There are plenty of home security systems out there with "wireless" cameras, but that wireless is only in the transmission of data — they still need to be wired up for power. Blink,...

The Bluetooth enabled Lechal 'smart shoe' goes on sale in September

India-based Ducere Technologies plans to start selling their Lechal 'smart shoes", which link to the Google Maps app on a smartphone via Bluetooth, sometime in September. So what can a "smart shoe" do that others cannot? According to the Lechal website, the shoes can link to the Google Maps...
Canon Pixma

The Canon Pixma MG7120 lets you print anything from anywhere

For as long as I can remember, I've had the same old printer in my office — mostly collecting dust or serving as a resting place for other office supplies. It wasn't until about two years ago when it finally gave out and I upgraded to a newer, Wi-Fi connected printer (ooh, Wi-Fi!). It was great...

How to choose the best router for your connected home

We are living in a connected age, where all the devices we use are increasingly becoming smart and joining our home networks. What started as just a way of connecting multiple computers in our homes for sharing and remotely accessing resources, has now evolved into something we rely on for a lot...