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Reviewed: BiggiFi puts Android apps on the big screen

Reviewed: BiggiFi puts Android apps on the big screen

The BiggiFi is an HDMI dongle that comes with some big promises. The official introduction video touts the BiggiFi as being able to offer "the most engaging mobile experience on your TV" and about how it is the "first touch based interface technology that enables your smartphone or tablet to act...
Sonos Boost now available to strengthen signal to wireless speakers

Sonos Boost now available to strengthen signal to wireless speakers

The Sonos Boost is now available for everybody looking to solidify the connectivity in their wireless home speaker system. Boost will act a lot like Bridge, in that it's a dedicated hub for your Sonos speakers that plugs right into your home Wi-Fi router. Boost or Bridge is something of a...
Trane Thermostat

Staying connected with Nexia's water sensor, smart thermostat and garage door controller

I have been using a Nexia Home system in my house for quite some time. It was actually way back in 2011 (Nexia was then Schlage Link) that I first started up my system with a connected door lock, camera and smart thermostat — and I haven't looked back since. To date I've added window sensors,...

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The ecobee3 just got even smarter with IFTTT integration

More and more people are becoming interested in the whole connected home experience these days, and the competition is growing and growing. One of the areas we have seen great growth lately is in the smart thermostats, with devices like Nest, Honeywell and others trying to make their name known....
Smarthings Hub

SmartThings is easily the best brain for your connected home

If you're looking to make your home the smartest on the block, look no further than SmartThings. The center of the connected home relies on mainly one big piece of hardware — the smart hub. There is none better, or more open, than SmartThings. The SmartThings hub takes control over all of the...

Simplicam gets even better with detection zones and improved notifications

One of our favorite Wi-Fi cameras, simplicam, has received an update today that brings along some great new features — most notably detection zones for motion. With new detection zones, you can specify hotspots within your camera's view in which motion will be detected. So if you want to cut out...
Instant smart door lock Sesame hits Kickstarter for $89

Instant smart door lock Sesame hits Kickstarter for $89

Sesame is an smart lock that opens your door instantly, and it hits Kickstarter today for $89 With so many smart locks on the market, it's hard to know which one will be best suited for your connected home. keypads, key fobs, deadbolts, lever locks — there are different locks for all types of...

The ecobee3 Wi-Fi thermostat is as smart as it gets

Smart thermostats are making their way into more and more homes. Gone are the old mercury dials that simply turned your system on or off & adjusted the temperature, here to stay are new devices that you can customize and control from a mobile device when you're miles away from home. In our...
Keep an eye out for visitors with the DoorBird Video Doorbell

Keep an eye out for visitors with the DoorBird Video Doorbell

Bird Home Automation has announced the DoorBird Video Doorbell, a new smart doorbell for connected homes. This doorbell includes a video camera and connects to your iPhone or Android device, letting you see and communicate with people outside your home no matter where you are using either Wi-Fi...

SpotCam Review - A solid Wi-Fi camera that doesn't quite make the cut

Another Wi-Fi camera popped up on our radar recently, and it goes by the name of SpotCam. The $149 camera offers many features similar to those of competitors like Dropcam and SImplicam, but also a few more that may make it more appealing to some users. With 24-hours of free recording, night mode...
Cree's $15 connected LED bulb is perfect for the rest of your house

Cree's $15 connected LED bulb is perfect for the rest of your house

Smart lighting is a bunch of fun to play with, but for most people the current costs are way too high. Most people who have managed to justify the cost of a starter kit only go so far as to outfit a room or two, and that has just as much to do with there being absolutely no need for crazy color...
Incipio smart wall outlet

Incipio's new connected home products play nice with HomeKit

At CES 2015, Incipio announced a trio of home automation products that will be compatible with Apple's software framework, HomeKit. These new gadgets include a wireless-enabled smart outlet, a light bulb adapter ($24.99 each), and a power strip ($59.99). There will also be an Incipio Direct...
WeMo sensors

New WeMo sensors spread through the home, including the pipes

A whole batch of new smarthome sensors from Belkin have been announced at CES which include a new WeMo room motion sensor, an alarm upgrade system, and a magnetic sensor for windows and doors. The most interesting of the bunch is an accessory that installs into your home's plumbing to monitor...