Contest: Enter to win a Pebble Steel!!

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jan 2014 02:06 pm

Pebble announced their latest offering today in the form of the premium design Pebble Steel. It will come in two versions — a Black Matte and Brushed Stainless — both featuring a matching metal band along with a black leather strap. The Pebble Steel is available now for pre-order for $249 and will begin shipping on January 28th. 

If you aren't quite sure if you're ready to pull the trigger on a new Pebble, we've got a solution. Leave a single comment on this post for your chance to win a brand new Pebble Steel in either Brushed Stainless or Black Matte. We'll run this one up to January 19th so your device will ship along with the rest of the pre-orders (providing they are still available at that point).

Not enough? If you've entered our launch contest then you've already grabbed yourself a chance to win a smartwatch of your choice which could very well be a Pebble Steel — so that's TWO chances to win.

Want MORE?! Swing by the forums and you can have yet another chance to win a smartwatch of your choice — making that entry #3! That's THREE chances to win, just by leaving a comment.

So if you haven't already, make sure to drop a comment on all three posts for THREE chances to win a new Pebble Steel. Ya dig?

Contest: Leave a single comment on this post for your chance to win a new Pebble Steel. Contest ends Sunday January 19 at midnight PT.

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Reader comments

Contest: Enter to win a Pebble Steel!!



Would love the black matte version! Looks amazing, I've had the original for a while now, cant live without it! Thanks for the contests!

I would LOVE to win this, especially watching the video right now and seeing that Foursquare, ESPN, and Pandora will have apps on there.

Those new Pebble Steels are HOT! I've been really interested in getting a smart watch and I think this one might be the one!

Good luck everyone! (Better luck to me!)


I had the inPulse, loved it for the 2 yrs then it broke. I had the Pebble for 3 months before i had to return (financial issues, you know... kids.) AND NOW with Pebble Steel out, oh boy do i ever want one! EVEN IF THERE'S NO OFFICIAL PEBBLE APP YET FOR WINDOWS PHONE 8!!!

Please make a dream come true, let me get the Steel Matte version. I then can return being a Smartwatch evanglizer, gots plenty of folks at work looking for real life example of what can one of these do for them!!

I am ready to give my current pebble to my son and get the new black steel I really like the new design!!!!

2 weeks into a plastic black Pebble: Loving it and seeing immense possibilities for the platform! Would love to have a stainless Steel!

I'd love to win one.. tell me, do these support motion tracking like Fitbit? Loving the flexibility.

Big fan of my pebble mostly for functionality not so much for looks. Would love to have the Steel if I won it but not sure I would spend $250US to buy it. Still not enough style to it. I look forward to seeing what else is released and CES

The one thing I was most hesitant about getting a Pebble has been solved. I'd say it's just about as perfect as a smartwatch gets, so far.

WATERPROOF!! And professional, that's a smartwatch I wanna wear in the newsroom.

But mostly, this is going to be my remote for Google Play Music in the car/shower/wherever.

I'd love one, and I can't wait to read/ see more about it! -Ara

Not sure which one I would like... I think stainless steel please. I like that it comes with 2 straps.

Extremely impressive, give the big boys more to worry about for sure. Black matte is superb!! If Bruce Wayne had a watch this would be it!

Pebble is awesome. Glad they launched a new watch that does not look as a toy, while being the same platform to great new apps and developers! Amazing as a all new category rises in 1 year, and your site is amazing to who want to be always connected.

Ok.... I have decided that this is the one I want. It looks very "smart".... and I want to take it up to 11. Watch looks very professional and sleek. Let me be one of the first to try this out.... please.

The Pebble Steel looks really neat :-)

It's good that Pebble decided to address a more classy part of the market. Most reviews I've read on the Pebble state that its plastic shell just didn't feel right, so Pebble Steel will hopefully make more consumers interested in the Pebble smart watch.

I've been thinking about a smartwatch for a while. Normal pebble is a bit basic, toq is pricey.... I guess winning one of these would be the best of everything

Will be great to have my first smart watch from you! We even don't have it in Bulgaria. So I will look like a BOSS :-)

ive always wanted a smartwatch but never had any free money to purchase one. this would be a great gift from you guys

Would so like one! I would be able to one-up my friend who always seems to have to get the latest tech before me :)

I'm already using the original Pebble, but this new metal one looks very nice. I'll be getting one someday, but I'd love to win one.

Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimmeeee!!!! It does look more stylish now :) I hope others follow suit; to my taste, smartwatches are way too oversized.

Black metal thinner pebble looks amazing! Fingers crossed I win one so I can pass along my original pebble to a friend.

The E ink screen looks kinder bluish in some of the shots, probably trick of light, Does this mean us pebble plastic users will get a firmware update soon ?

I'd love one! Wish they'd start selling in the UK already so we can avoid the crazy VAT/import duty charges on top of the cost...

I'd love this amazing piece of wearable tech, what a great looking, and functional device, it looks good too. Now can I have one please?

This is exactly what I thought Pebble needed. I like that the Galaxy Gear is made out of premium materials but hated its over the top look. Pebble Steel is what a smartwatch should be.