Contest: Enter to win a smartwatch of your choice!

By Adam Zeis on 1 Jan 2014 04:49 pm

Today is a big day! We're super excited for the launch of our all-new smartwatch site. Here we'll be bringing together all of the smartwatch news from around the world and most importantly, the fans. We're 100% dedicated to smartwatches and couldn't be more excited for what lies ahead. 2014 will be a big year for smartwatches and we're glad you're along for the ride.

Whether you're a veteran smartwatch user or just getting started — you've come to the right place. There is plenty of amazing content on the way, but to kick things off in true Mobile Nations fashion, we're giving you the chance to win a smartwatch of your choice. 

All you need to do to enter is leave a single comment on this post telling us which smartwatch you'd love to own. The Pebble, Qualcomm Toq, Galaxy Gear, Sony Smartwatch 2, MetaWatch, an iWatch (if/when it shows up) or any other smartwatch in existence. If it's out there, it can be yours.

If you're already using one of our other Mobile Nations sites then just click the login button above and use your existing details. If you're a new user (welcome!) then click Sign Up and fill in all the requested info. 

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​Contest: To enter to win a smartwatch of your choice, simply leave a single comment on this post telling us which smartwatch you want and why. We'll run this one through the end of January, so you'll have plenty of time to think about which device you'd love to own. Good luck!

Want an extra chance to win? Head to the Smartwatch Fans forums and leave a comment in this thread for double the chances!!

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Reader comments

Contest: Enter to win a smartwatch of your choice!



anyone know which smartwatch the second one from the top of that pile is?

the all black one with analog face and teal hour markers....

preciate it!

but now that they released the Cogito, that's the one I would want! The black strap/green face, or white strap/black face...

I feel like these more natural-looking smartwatches will do for smartwatches what natural-looking hybrids did in the mid-2000's... make the category more accessible and socially acceptable.

I'm trying to start new in 2014, just like BlackBerry is. Heading to a new continent and really want to be able to start fresh with a new Z30 and a Pebble SmartWatch to go along with it. Like BlackBerry, I've been having a tough financial and reputational situation lately...really want to reinvent myself along with my favourite Smartphone manufacturer!

Very difficult to purchase a Pebble where I live...also, they're pricey. Also, starting to learn to develop for BB10 and if I got a pebble, I would be able to start working on an app that integrates some more with the Pebble.

Well done on the site, has to be the pebble, seems to be the thing now amongst the circle of folks I follow, big watch fan myself.

I will take a smartwatch that is made by either Microsoft or Nokia when they arrive. it has to be compatible with my Windows Phone

Congrats on the new site! Personally, I'd like to have a Pebble since it looks like a regular watch and seems to have the highest chance of supporting Windows Phone in the future. If Nokia is able to come out with a smartwatch, I'd definitely be very interested.

I would like a Toq. In my opinion it has potential to be the best. Plus as my first smartwatch I'd want a good one!

congrats on the new site launch Adam! great iniciative.

ill have the pebble. heard a lot of good things when paired up with BB10.

I've tried the pebble and its not for me, so I would choose a galaxy gear. Looks like a good choice since the latest software update.

I own a galaxy note 3 and would love to have the galaxy gear smart watch to match. I cannot afford one but think it would be an amazing combination and see how they work with each other.

I'd love to score a Pebble Steel in matte black, so whether I'm using iOS or Android I can continue using a smartwatch!

I think I would go with the toq. I already have a pebble, and the gear won't work with my iphone, will it?

I don't even know that there is a Smart watch that works with my Lumia 1520, but if there is a watch that works with my device... I'd like that one. :)

Thanks for putting this together Mobile Nations! I'd love to win a Pebble because of its compatability! Thanks again!

I would like the rumored Google watch... But given it doesn't exist yet I would like the Sony smartwatch 2. I have and like the previous smartwatch, but that proprietary charge cable drives me crazy!

Yeah, I like the look of the Sony one too. Been curious to know if it would run with BB10 too like the Pebble can.

Congrats Adam on having a site to call your own.

I would take a pebble because Google won't let me have Glass nor could I afford Glass and I need something to keep up with my notifications so I can stop killing my smartphone battery before 2 every day

Thanks for making a new exciting site, would love to win The Pebble watch as there is a app in the store ( Pebble Watch Pro) which makes it sort of working with a WP.

I would love an iWatch. I'm a runner who uses my iPhone to track runs, but having an iWatch would make it much easier to do that while running. Plus, an iWatch would complement my other Apple devices nicely.

I have an Omate Smartwatch coming (someday), I think of the other ones on the market now, I'd pick a Sony.

I'd love to win the pebble smartwatch, it's by far the best looking watch that I've ever seen!

Hmm I would probably want to go with the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch. As an Android user, I want one that works with my phone, and since the Gear is Samsung only right now. Toq seems like the right choice. Hope to win this one! Thanks guys for the contest and congrats on the launch of a new site!

I would appreciate the next Gen Galaxy Gear (when it's announced later this year) because I love the Galaxy line, but am not sold on this first model Samsung put out. Thanks for picking me!

I'd absolutely love a Pebble. My wife always laughs at me checking my phone- this way she'd never know!

Pebble seems to have a pretty good idea of what a smart watch should do. Some good devs cooking apps. And @tnkgrl is their product evangelist!

Ooh please, I want the IWatch. All my tech is apple and the IWatch will undoubtedly work flawlessly like all the other apple devices I own.

Seeing as I'm a Windows owner I don't have any choices that will tie into the ecosystem, but the Pebble is my favourite watch aesthetically and is the one I'd go for from this list.

Galaxy gear would be my choice because it would be the perfect fit with my galaxy S4 as I am always on the go and need that extra partner in crime when I need to check messages on the fly!

I would really enjoy a a pebble for my iphone. I do a lot of running and biking and this would be a perfect companion to run and listen to music and track my progress!

I would love to have a Pebble. Almost purchased a couple times but just haven't. I really would love to have the notification on my wrist especially when exercising. Also Pebble still has a lot of growth. Thanks and glad the site is here.

Sony SmartWatch 2 please. Metal armband if I'm picky because it's the best for me and also the most beautiful. ;-)

Pebble of course since it currently does exist. But if iWatch comes out before this contest is over then the iWatch of course of course, it would run best with my iOS devices.

Well I have an HTC phone so the gear is out for me. Pebble seems to be the most complete at this point. Toq is cool because of the display. I'm getting ready to have a smartq z watch sent to me. An interesting set of features at a user friendly price. Sonostar also looks interesting with the touchscreen e-ink screen.

I would love to get my wrist on a Sony smart watch two. Looks the best and hopefully will work great work my Nexus 5.

Hi. Nice site. I'd love to try the galaxy gear out. I already own a pebble and I love it. I feel nekked without it. I'd like to see what the bigger, colour screen and full android is like on it. :-)

I'd love to win the Smarty Ring if it comes out. It's small and very portable, plus i find smart watches (like the Samsung Galaxy Gear) a bit chunky.

A galaxy gear would be great for the camera but the exclusivity ruins it. Toq seems to be the best choice for me.

I would love to get the agent smartwatch when it comes not only does it look great but it also will have full support for windows phone which is going to be amazing because I have a Nokia 1520 now and would love a watch that works with it

I'm gonna say I would like a pebble to go with my Z10 I'm getting this month.

Thanks for the competition.

I like the Pebble, because it has the longest battery life and is the thinnest one (not to mention that it's the cheaper :) )

I would really like the Toq. I have heard great things about it, and would really love to be a part of the SmartWatch community.

A Nice Galaxy Gear would be Awesome. I just saw one in T mobile the other day .... At first I did not think I would like it.... BUT WOW!!! I have grown to like Smart Watches immensely.. They are cool all around

I would like the pebble, being an amputee, i could wear it on my false arm and check my messages on the go without going into my pocket to get my phone, ideal for when I'm carrying shopping ;-)

Happy New Year! Congratulations on the new site. I would love to be able to get the rumored Microsoft Smartwatch - if it ever does happen.

I would love to win a Pebble! Itsseems to be the most functional and it doesn't require me to run touchwiz! Also I love the B&W eink screen

Pebble me! Pebble me! Pebble me! I'd love to have a Pebble! It's gonna work great with my Q10. Pebble me! Pebble me! Pebble me!

I'd like to win the Toq. I like the looks of it over the others and the wireless charging is interesting.

I wondered if this would happen today after Kevin's tweet last night. I have a love for BlackBerry and iOS. The Qualcomm watch is awesome looking and if there is an iWatch, I would love to rock that. Whichever works for you guys. Great thinking on an upcoming opportunity!

I would love a Pebble for my Z10. You need to give me a smartwatch so that I have an excuse to visit a smartwatch fansite. :P. Please?

I'd like the iWatch once it comes out because it would work a lot better with my iPhone than any other smart watch.

It would be nice to have Galaxy Gear to go with my Note 3. I have been waiting on a price drop, you can't beat free :-)

I already have a Pebble from Kickstarter and I'd love to get one for my son who's in college. Pebble is far from the most expensive smart watch but it does what a smart watch should do and it does it simply and elegantly.

The Pebble is the watch for me, sexy and customizable and now compatible with BB10. Match made in heaven

Awesome site to kick off the new year! I would like the galaxy gear because you can reply to text messages with it using s voice. I feel that's a feature I would use daily on a smart watch.

Samsung galaxy gear! I love it, I intend to take pictures with it on the go! Save voice notes to my Evernote! & to run my phone handsfree with it!

I did post on Crackberry (as did others), but I'm covering both bases. Now, to start looking at what this Smartwatch stuff is all about.

I've been really digging the Sony Smartwatch 2. Compatible with all Android devices (and hopefully BB10 will jump in with a software update). That's my choice.

I would like to win the Samsung Galaxy Gear!

It's super cool, with a ton of unique features :)

A great idea for a site, definitely bookmarking it!

I would like a black Pebble Smartwatch. Pebble is the one company to do a smartwatch right with plenty of developer support and continuous updates. Also, it helps that it looks pretty good.

Omate TrueSmart Extreme Edition please. Good luck with the site. When Appe does eventually release the iWatch this market will explode.

I want a Qualcomm TOQ or Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch since I just broke my Sony SW2 =-/
Happy News Years!