EcoReco battery-powered scooters can hit 20mph, built for portability

By Russell Holly on 15 Jan 2015 11:48 am

There's plenty of things with wheels and batteries at CES, but between the prototypes and the Segway knockoffs it's not always easy to determine which is the best. How could we stay away from something that is described as an "extreme electric scooter" and live with ourselves you ask? Well, we couldn't. The EcoReco scooter is a battery-powered electric scooter designed to get you around a neighborhood quickly, or take with you to and from work as a "last mile" transportation system. The hardware is rated for about 20 miles on a single charge, and it takes just about 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery back up. In exchange, you get a 20mph scooter that can collapse and charge with a regular outlet when not in use.

EcoReco comes in a $1,000 M3 and a $1,250 M5, with some functionality differences like rear suspension to distinguish the two models. In our video, John also shows off the carriage accessory, which lets you carry around extra gear and collapses down like a piece of luggage when not connected to the scooter.

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