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If you drop your phone often this is the case for you

If you drop your phone often this is the case for you

Ever broken the screen on your Smartphone before? Most of us at some point have broken the screen on ours, myself included. Nothing quite ruins your day like finding the little piece of glass on the front of your phone broken after an accidental drop or mishap. If you want to avoid that feeling...
Fitbit Surge

Fitbit products are now officially available in India

Fitbit has entered the Indian market, collaborating with Amazon India to sell its products exclusively via the retailer. Fitbit's entire catalog is available for order, including the recently-announced Surge HR and Charge. Here's what's available from Amazon India: Fitbit Surge (Black) for ₹...
Sony First Flight

Sony launches new website for you to fund employee ideas and projects

Sony has launched a new crowdfunding platform to allow consumers to browse through and finance projects put forward by company employees. Think of it as an internal version of Kickstarter, but limited to Sony ideas and projects. As well as offering funds to get projects under way, the new website...
New Site Feature: Follow the Connectedly content you care about and get notified of it instantly!

New Site Feature: Follow the Connectedly content you care about and get notified of it instantly!

We are very excited to introduce Follow - a way to personalize your Connectedly experience and get notified when new content is added. In addition to Connectedly, the Follow feature is also available across our family of Mobile Nations properties, including Android Central, iMore, Windows...
Olympus Air A01 hits the US in July for $299

Olympus Air A01 to be available in the US in July with prices starting at $299

Olympus has already announced the Air A01, a micro four-thirds style camera that is shaped to look just like a regular lens. Instead of using a regular camera body, users would compose images using their smartphone or tablet, which communicates with the unit through Wi-Fi and OA Central for...
Mobile Nations Community Update, June 2015

Mobile Nations Community Update, June 2015

With June coming to a close, it's time again for the Mobile Nations Community Update! Keep reading as I take you on a quick tour around our network for all the latest from Android Central, Connectedly, CrackBerry, iMore, and Windows Central.
Vertu Signature for Bentley

Vertu Signature for Bentley is a £14,500 feature phone

Vertu partnered with luxury carmaker Bentley to launch the Bentley Signature Touch smartphone last year, and now the handset vendor is following up with the Signature for Bentley, a £14,500 feature phone crafted with exotic materials. The phone is inspired by Bentley's Mulsanne Speed, sharing a...
Astor's Twist is a smart LED light bulb with a built-in AirPlay speaker

The Twist is a speaker-packing smart bulb for your apartment

Built with apartment living in mind, Astro's Twist LED smart light bulbs are a different take on smart lights compared to other similar products. The Twist changes color based on the time of day, and unlike other smart lights, isn't controlled by an app. Instead, Twist uses its custom Dimmer...

Kenwood now shipping its new aftermarket receivers to retailers

Kenwood has begun shipping the new DDX9902S and DDX9702S aftermarket Android Auto/Apple CarPlay receivers to retailers. The company previously unveiled the new products at CES 2015. The new receivers support both Android Auto and Apple's CarPlay, depending on your preference and connected...
Parrot brings a new generation of MiniDrones to the market

Parrot announces a new generation of MiniDrones

Parrot has introduced a new generation of its MiniDrones, including new Jumping, Airborne, and Hydrofoil series drones. When it comes to drones, the French company Parrot is one of the more well known companies, and its latest offerings bring even more options to consumers. In the Jumping Drones...