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Fitbit rumored to be working on three new fitness products

Fitbit Surge, Charge, PurePulse rumored to amp up your workout

Fitbit is rumored to be upping the ante with a trio of new connected workout trackers that add more sensors and functionality. It looks like Fitbit may be fulfilling its goal in having multiple fitness trackers to satisfy the needs and demands of different types of active users. As such, we will...
Bowflex smart dumbbells keep your workout smart.

Bowflex will try to keep your workout smart with smart dumbbells

While connected fitness bands and watches can readily track how far you've ran or how many calories you've burned, they don't work so well when lifting weights. Enter Bowflex's SmartTech 560 dumbbells, a connected dumbbell that lets you track, monitor, and get your weightlifting into better form...
The Withings Activite is a connected fitness monitor cleverly disguised as a Swiss-made analog watch.

Withings Activité brings refined simplicity to connected fitness watch design

The Withings Activité is a smartwatch that is cleverly disguised as a classic and traditional Swiss-made watch. The charm of this $390 wrist-worn accessory isn't in that it can juggle many tasks at the same time, after all the watch can't show you notifications for missed calls or messages, but...

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Sense sleep monitor aims to track your tossing and turning through your pillow

Sense sleep monitor aims to track your tossing and turning through your pillow

Sense is a new connected accessory that hopes to help you have a better day through better sleep. Comprised of two parts, a Sleep Pill that clips on to your pillow to measure movement in bed and a a Sense module that sits on a nightstand or table to analyze your surroudings, the system will tell...
Rumored Under Armour partnership could help Samsung compete with Apple

Rumored Under Armour partnership to help Samsung compete with Apple

It looks like Samsung may be pushing further into the connected market. After partnering with UCSF to expand its health initiatives and a speculated expansion into the connected home space with rumored acquisition of SmartThings, Samsung is now rumored to be partnering with U.S. athletic apparel...
Smarter contacts for smarter eyeballs

Google's 'smart contacts' could soon find their way to your eyeballs

Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis has signed a deal with Google to license the search giant's "smart lens" contact technology. Google[x] revealed the glucose level-sensing contact lenses earlier this year, which monitored chemical levels in tears once a second and relayed that information to...
Adidas's new miCoach Fit Smart will track your workouts from your wrist, style be damned

Adidas's new miCoach Fit Smart will track your workouts from your wrist, style be damned

Many fitness tracker manufacturers put considerable effort into attaining a design that's as small and attractive as possible, but not Adidas. Their new miCoach Fit Smart wrist-worn tracker isn't particularly beautiful, and it's certainly not small, but it makes up for that with raw function. The...
Using IFTTT with Fitbit

Using IFTTT with Fitbit

We've offered an introduction to IFTTT, and even looked at using WeMo with IFTTT. Continuing with this series of posts and we find ourselves focusing on Fitbit. Similar to using WeMo with IFTTT, you'll first need to make sure you activate the channel for Fitbit. Then once that has been taken care...
Endomondo brings fitness to your Pebble-adorned wrist

Endomondo brings fitness tracking to your Pebble adorned wrist

Endomondo has announced that it is now available for Pebble users so that they can take their workouts with them and monitor their fitness from their wrists. Endomondo is now available for iOS users in the Pebble appstore and will be coming to Android Pebble users later in the year. With...
Heart Rate Montiors

How to choose the best heart rate monitor

Technology is making it easier and easier for us to monitor what we are doing. And as we are still in #MobileFit month, the what we are doing bit will be in regards to our body. We've already talked about the best fitness trackers, and those seem to be a good entry-level step into fitness. Moving...
Connected water bottles from Gatorade monitor player hydration levels

Connected water bottles from Gatorade monitor player hydration levels

There's plenty of awesome tech at the World Cup in Brazil this year. We've already seen these cool watches that alert referees to goals, but there is also some cool tech for the players — right in their water bottles. The Brazilian national team is testing out some smart bottles from Gatorade,...
Use technology to make exercising a bit more enjoyable

Use technology to make exercising a bit more enjoyable

I currently subscribe to more than a dozen podcasts, and maintain a growing wish list in terms of audiobooks. With many audiobooks measuring in at 10 hours or more, and the roughly 12 hours worth of podcasts that enter my feed each week, some may say I need to cut back so I have time to listen to...
Adidas miCoach Fit Smart

Adidas' upcoming miCoach Fit Smart smartband leaked, may run Google Fit

At its annual I/O conference yesterday, Google unveiled the Google Fit health tracking platform that allows devs to build apps that can fetch data from a slew of wearable devices. While no devices were mentioned at the event, a series of leaks today suggest that Adidas is getting set to launch a...