How to use Do Not Disturb mode on the Pebble smartwatch

By Alicia Erlich on 16 Jan 2014 10:32 am

With the release of firmware 1.14.1, the Pebble OS added quite a few features and enhancements that only improved upon the smartwatch experience. One of these is the inclusion of a Do Not Disturb, essentially turning off the notifications and alarms for a set period.

Enabling this option directly on the smartwatch is rather simple. Press the menu button, center one on the right, and go into Settings > Notifications and go to the Do Not Disturb heading. To activate, you simply press the menu button again after highlighting the option and set the schedule to block alerts from being sent to the Pebble.
In addition to establishing a schedule for receiving alerts, one may also customize their notification settings which is located right above the Do Not Disturb option. To manually adjust, users may choose between Notifications on, Phone calls only, or Notifications off.
Using this quick method you can make sure your alerts are silenced. This is especially helpful if you leave it on all the time or wear it to bed.

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How to use Do Not Disturb mode on the Pebble smartwatch


I wonder if Talk2Watch could add a feature where the notifications turn on or off based on the phone's sound profile and/or specific calendar events.