How would you like your connected devices to hook into Nest?

By Richard Devine on 27 Jun 2014 11:27 am

Nest recently announced its "Works with Nest" API program that will allow third-party apps and services to hook into its current thermostat and smoke detector products. Since Nest is now owned by Google it also got its very own developer session at Google I/O to talk about the new tools and even give some examples of how other products can and will connect to Nest. Which got us to thinking; How would you like your connected devices to hook into Nest?

Here are a few examples that Nest talked about at Google I/O:

  • Jawbone UP can detect when you wake up in the morning and then set your Nest thermostat to the right temperature for you.
  • Your Mercedes-Benz can tell your Nest when you're a certain distance from getting home at the end of the day and make sure the Nest gets the house to the right temperature.
  • Lifx light bulbs hook into the Nest Protect and flash red when it detects smoke in the house because red is the best color to illuminate a smoky environment.

All great ideas and all possible through the new Nest APIs. But we're interested in your ideas, so we've set up a thread in the Connectedly forums where you can go crazy and discuss away! Feel free to let us know in the comments, too, and if you're interested in learning more check out the full Nest session in the video below.




I honestly hope it works with homekit. I know it's an Apple service, but it would be great to control all of my "things" from one central location. My phone goes everywhere with me, so it's the most logical controller IMO.


Good luck with that one. Not saying you shouldn't want it, but good luck.