The HTC One (M8) sure would look nice with a Moto 360 on my wrist

By Adam Zeis on 25 Mar 2014 02:38 pm

I've been rocking my Nexus 5 for quite a while now, and I don't really have any thoughts of getting a new device anytime soon. I actually like the way the flat black look pairs up with most of my watches — my Pebble, Sony Smartwatch 2 or even my Toq. My phone and watch always look like they go together and that makes for a great pair.

Things changed a bit last week however when the Moto 360 popped up, and even more so today with the announcement of the new HTC One (M8). The Moto 360 has more of an elevated look to it, which makes me want to elevate my phone as well. I don't want to just have a plain, flat black look on my phone — I want something hot and awesome like the HTC One. Straight up metal all around and available in few different colors. I'd still go dark and snag the Gunmetal Gray, but having it paired up with a black Moto 360 would be badass — and elevate my geek cred.

It does raise an interesting point as well. Just how much do you want your phone and accessories (in this case smartwatches) to coincide? Some people want to go the fashion route and match their watch to their outfit, but being a tech geek at heart, I want my devices to match each other. The HTC One / Moto 360 is definitely a combo I'll be looking at down the road.

Read more on the HTC One (M8) over at Android Central, and catch up with the latest on the Moto 360 here

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The HTC One (M8) sure would look nice with a Moto 360 on my wrist


My Nexus 5 has the same skin on front as my Pebble does, so I can definitely understand what you mean here. I also totally agree that the Moto 360 would look awesome with the HTC One (M8).

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I actually like things being a little different. Same way I do not want to wear an entirely blue (or any other color outfit). I like some variety in my life lol and that is why I use a nexus 7 and iPhone 5s lol. Now bring this home moto so I can add it to my collection!

That's my plan. Already have the M8, and though it looks nice with the Sony SW2, I'm waiting (only because I have to) for the Moto360 to go up for presale.