HTC rumored to launch an Android Wear smartwatch in early 2015

By John Callaham on 11 Sep 2014 11:14 am

A new report claims HTC is still planning to launch a smartwatch product, based on Android Wear, sometime in early 2015, and that it will stand out from the already crowded number of smartwatches from other companies.

CNET, citing unnamed sources for its story, also says that HTC's smartwatch will offer "features that consumers will more immediately gravitate toward" although specifics were not revealed. HTC is scheduled to hold a media event on October 8, but CNET claims that the company won't be showing off or talking about its smartwatch at that press conference.

What do you think about HTC entering the smartwatch market in early 2015

Source: CNET

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HTC rumored to launch an Android Wear smartwatch in early 2015


For me I think HTC has the best design language in the current market so cannot wait to see this thing. Maybe a smartwatch that looks simply amazing with extreme powersaving mode?

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I have always loved my HTC phones and they have the best software with Sense. I can only hope the watch is as good as advertised.