IFTTT now lets you Yo your Hue lights, WeMo switch, and air conditioner

By Adam Zeis on 1 Jul 2014 02:04 pm

If you're a fan of Yo, IFTTT has just made your day. The newly added Yo channel integrates with all of your connected things, letting you Yo to turn on the A/C, turn down the lights, or even call yoself. There are probably simpler ways to achieve all of the tasks that the Yo channel can do, but they're way less awesome.

The Yo channel has just one trigger, so it's essentially just a toggle for your other devices connected to IFTTT. You can use Yo to toggle your Hue lights, WeMo, Aros A/C, or to just trigger a phone call to yourself. Granted any of these can be done independently in other manners, but if you're living it up with Yo, why not put it to work?

To get started, you'll need an IFTTT account and Yo installed on your smartphone, then yo're off to the races. If you come up with any ingenious recipes, let us yo!

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Drakal YVaik

Stop trying to make Yo happen. It's not going to happen.

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