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These devices work well with HomeKit

These devices work well with HomeKit

The first wave of HomeKit-compatible home automation accessories are here! Apple's HomeKit technology lets you control any compatible connected lights, plugs, thermostats, sensors, and more inside your home. With HomeKit, you get compatibility, security, and the ability to use the company's Siri...
INSTEON Assurance Kit on sale for $99 at Best Buy

Best Buy discounts INSTEON Assurance Kit by 50%, now only $99

With home automation becoming more popular and tons of kits already being on the market, making the decision which one to get can be difficult. Best Buy has put the INSTEON Assurance Kit on sale, dropping it by 50%, down to only $99. Price is a big factor in these types of purchases, and this...
wifi bulbs

The best smart lights and Wi-Fi bulbs for your home

One of the easiest ways for to jump into the connected home space is with some awesome connected lighting. Smart lights are simply bulbs (and usually a bridge or hub) that replaces your standard light bulbs and offer more functionality — namely being able to control them from your smartphone or...

Reviewed: INSTEON home automation system

There are loads of awesome home automation systems available now, but one that has been around for a few years now is Insteon. The system includes a variety of sensors, cameras, switches, a thermostat and of course a hub to tie it all together. There are a few sizes of starter kits to get you...
INSTEON home automation for Windows and Windows Phone now exclusively at Microsoft Stores

INSTEON home automation for Windows and Windows Phone now exclusively at Microsoft Stores

Home-automation company INSTEON and Microsoft have finally managed to get stock of their kits and accessories to Microsoft Stores, both online and physical. The deal is exclusive to Microsoft. First announced in mid-May, INSTEON's products support Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 PCs and tablets,...