Interview with Pebble Developer Evangelist, Cherie Williams

By Adam Zeis on 3 Jan 2014 03:27 pm

Our good friends Rene Ritchie and Phil Nickinson recently took a trip to visit Pebble HQ in Palo Alto California and got an inside look at everything that makes the Pebble tick. While we dropped the best of the best into our Pebble feature, there's plenty more for those of you who can't get enough. In addition to chats with CEO Eric Migicovsky and CTO Andrew Witte, Phil got a chance to sit down with Pebble Developer Evangelist, Cherie Williams.

Cherie works with third-party developers who aim to create apps for the Pebble watch. Pebble has a great SDK and some awesome tools so developers can go deep into creating all kinds of apps for Pebble watches. Currently there is a separation for iOS and Android apps, but with Pebble 2.0 developers will be able to use java and have the ability to create one app for both platforms. Cherie notes that some of her favorite apps include Canvas and PebbleCam but there are almost too many to choose from.

Check out the full video for all the goods and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Interview with Pebble Developer Evangelist, Cherie Williams


Around 3:40 Cherie says "Canvas and PebbleCam" not "Pebble Snap" as it implemented many cool features like the "snapping" way before the latter. As the developer of PebbleCam I'd be glad if you could correct this. Thanks :)