Kreyos issues another Meteor update, offers make-good package to backers

By Adam Zeis on 11 Feb 2014 08:07 am

The Kreyos team ran into a bit of a hiccup with their Meteor a few weeks ago, but they've since identified the issue and are hard at work getting things fixed up. They issued another update today via their Facebook page, letting everyone know that things are moving along now. Their fix for the previous issue actually improved the clarity and volume on the Meteor as well, so it wasn't all bad news.

Trust that we're working very closely with our partners at our production facilities and pushing them to their limit to have this done as early as possible. Once manufactured, we’ll be applying these new molds to the Meteors.

They also noted that they'll be offering a "make-good" package to backers. Just what that entails we're not sure, so if you get an email on it be sure to let us know.

Overall it's great to see Kreyos keeping everyone in the loop. Hopefully things move along well now so they can get their product shipped out!

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Reader comments

Kreyos issues another Meteor update, offers make-good package to backers


They mentioned previously preorders would get the "make good". I preordered so will have to wait and see! At this point I'm just desperate for my watch and have asked them to clarify their "by April" statement. Dies that mean shipping in March??

From what I gather, they are sticking to their April deadline. Now, does this mean they WILL ship by that date? I don't know, But hoping it is soon 'cause I really like the watch and want it like yesterday.

I like how these small smartwatch companies approach people even before releasing the product. Meanwhile the tradtional tech giants just release a smart(ish)watch(like) product, and expect you to buy it.

I backed out. I was (and still am, somewhat) excited about the feature set but the watch was a bit ugly from day one and is only looking more dated as the months pass. I'm afraid it'll be outdated tech before (if ever) it arrives.

If the reviews are great, I may pick one up later... at least then I'll know what I'm getting AND when.