Connectedly Site Launch Contest - Enter Now!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 May 2014 09:00 am

Earlier this week we pulled the trigger on the rebranding of Smartwatch Fans to Connectedly. In case you missed our Welcome Post, be sure to give it a read as it lays out our mission and vision for Connectedly. We're incredibly excited to add Connectedly to our Mobile Nations family of sites as are so many of you - the shared enthusiasm from the tech community for Connectedly and our expanded coverage beyond mobile platforms into the connected devices space has been fantastic!

With May 1st here and a few days of smooth running now behind us after the site launch, it's time to kickstart things into action around here with our first Connectedly Community Contest! We have some great prizes to be won, and we've engineered the contest in such a way that the more you visit Connectedly and participate in the article comment and forum discussion all month long, the more chances you will earn to win. Keep reading for all the details!

Contest Prizes:

How to Enter

Login to Connectedly and leave a comment to this contest post letting us know what smart products excite you most in the connected devices space.

If you're not a member, you can register here in thirty seconds. This first step gets you one entry into the contest for your chance to win!

BONUS ENTRIES - Visit every day in the month of May and participate on the site either by commenting on the articles or in the Connectedly forums.

Every day that you comment on an article, post on an existing forum discussion or start a new forum discussion will count as an extra entry into the contest. Post everyday in the month of May and you will earn 31 entries into contest draw. After you make your first post on this article, all future contest entry contributions should be on different pages of the site.

Contest Rules & Fine Print

  • Contest is open worldwide.
  • Standard posting rules apply.
  • Only quality posts will be considered eligible for contest entry. One word replies and wasteful posts will not qualify. We want you participating in the discussion, not spamming it.
  • While we encourage everybody to participate in the community with multiple contributions each and every day, for the purpose of this contest only your first article comment or forum post each day will count as an entry. This provides everybody with a fair chance to win - if we we gave away a chance to win with every post, it would be to easy for one or two people to run away with victory by posting here all day long.
  • If you miss joining in on the contest action on May 1st, you can still begin participating in the contest at point during the month of May by leaving a comment on this article. Note, your total max number of possible entries will be reduced accordingly. Example - if you leave a comment here on May 15th and post every day after, you will have 16 entries by the time the contest ends.
  • Reminder: Don't forget to comment on THIS article. If you don't first leave a comment here, posts on other days will not be counted as contest entries.
  • Winners will be announced by June 7th, 2014.

Live Connectedly!

Life is better when you live connectedly, and this first Connectedly contest will give you a great chance to do just that! Along with the chance to win some great prizes, the goal of this contest is to help jumpstart the community with lots of engaging discussion. Though I'm not eligible to win, I'm certainly looking forward to joining in on the discussion with all of you!

That's it. Now leave your comment to this contest post and let the fun begin. Best of luck!!

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Reader comments

Connectedly Site Launch Contest - Enter Now!



Yeah. Thanks for the contest, we appreciated Connectedly. But without the contest, I truly appreciated this awesome Connectedly! I feel so connected

Posted via Connectedly App | Sideloaded at BlackBerry Q10 SQN100-3 OS

Very interesting contest AND a chance to win some Sonos products!!!! Sonos is definitely my "FIND" of the year in the tech world. Connectedly gives us gadget guys the chance to find out about more fun products out there. Gotta get me more Sonos!!

So agree. The possibilities of what the Connectedly is opening here and with the Sonos can you imagine. From my personal stand point of being a little girl who could pick up the phone receiver off of the wall unit still hooked to a long coiled cord to be able to take a small unit out of my bag to place a call and now use the same cell phone to change a channel on a television set in another room to turning up a volume. It's all so amazing to me. I would love to win this regardless whether I do or not I get all giddy to learn and SEE and speak about the changes I've been able to see and live through.

LOVE the contest, and the idea to get more people active on the site.

Now just to update the Android app for. The old SmartWatch Fans :)

Smartphones connecting with other products like TVs, stereos, cars. Maybe even a smartwatch used for paying at a POS terminal.

I love the potential of this site. As for smart products, basically anything. Lighting, Sound, Kitchen appliances, I want information on all of it.

I agree. With where things are going, this should be la very important and interesting site. Hopefully I'll be able to visit it from a smart watch some day.

I agree. Had read about this site but hadn't visited until the contest helped draw me in. We have a mixed family, WindowsPhone, Androids and Ithingies. All working together in harmony. (wipes tear) We had an X10 setup way back in the day with a serial port dongle device that could control the boxes. I would like to do something similar now, seems like it would be much simpler, probably cheaper too.

Excited about the Moto 360; looks great. Also interested in one of the Archos watches, which looks good and won't be expensive (don't know about the Moto).

The Moto 360 is rumored to be around $250 per the contest fine print Moto put out a while back when they announced they'd be giving a few away.

They also told that the $250 price point is only for tax purposes and will not be the retail price...

I am also looking forward to see what will they come up with. I really appreciate the effort they put in usability for the moto x and I'm hoping they do the same with the smart watch... and some glasses maybe?

Loving the site and all the potential coverage we will now get for this really untapped area. I feel wearables are really going to be a big thing with the upcoming android wear and also the rumored iwatch.

Good idea for a contest. Love the SONOS! I don't believe that stand-alone wearables will be the next big thing, but I do think that they are part of the 'bridge' to the integration of technology and clothing.

Agreed! Not to mention the home automation stuff. It has been a long time coming but it is starting to feel like real useful home automation is finally just around the corner. We have been promised "Smart Homes" since the 80's but the technology required to power them is finally reaching the point where it can actually deliver on some of those promises and even be somewhat affordable.

Agreed. It will be interesting to see if Apple or Microsoft enter the smartwatch arena this year. One thing about Apple's smartwatch, it will most likely be tied to iOS only.

This is awesome. Mobile Nations always has the coolest contests, and even though I don't own a smartwatch or any of the stuff related here.. I still love just reading on this site! Can't wait to find out the winners!

This should be an interesting site. I have and love the Hue lights. interested to see other products and whether I'll want to expand into a connected home.

There are some off-brand super-China lights that look like they do the same thing, but I haven't used a Hue so I can't be sure.

I'm loving the concept of the site and the new direction it's going in. I have a Pebble watch and looking for more tips and tricks using it to its full capacity.

YES! I'm joined too. So you asking the tech I love, I love the whole experience of technology. But the best I find today is the wearable tech. It's amazing on its own.

Smart to re-brand the site. Always thought Smart Watches was too limiting. Looking forward to more content.

Well! The contest did make me come to the site, and i like it so far. Hope I win the contest too as icing on the cake :)

Always love a competition! I have been considering purchasing a smart watch for a while and hopefully this site will help with my decision!

So glad to see this site go beyond just smart watches. I am super excited to see what is in store for our connected futures. If I had the money, my entire house would be covered with connected "things". Keep up the good work!

Although I would love the Sonos speakers, I'd really like to get my hands on the Philips Hue pack! Being able to change the colours, brightness, and have different patterns all from the touch of my phone would be amazing. Otherwise, I've been getting fairly interested in the idea of a good smartwatch, really excited to see how that world of tech gear is going to progress in the coming months and years.

I'd have to say the AndroidWear watches have to be the product I'm most excited about. Y'all really got my attention with the Mellow Sous Vide cooker though too!

I have never tried Sonos before but I am looking forward to using it! Also the mobile nation passport is amazing, good job guys.. just one link and you are log in in all the mobile nation sites, NICE!!

Hey there, awesome site by the way. What connected gadgets am I excited at? I just want all my devices from different companies to work together seamlessly!!!

I've been eyeing the Sonos Playbar for awhile now. My plan is to fully connect my home with Sonos products and this would be a great start for me. Hopefully I'll win. The Hue and Sphero are awesome prizes too! Welcome Connectedly to the Mobile Nations family!

personally I would go for Squeezeboxes, but Logitech unfortunately decided not to produce them any more. They are still available via auction sites though - sound quality will give sonos a run for the money in my humble opinion.

Really excited for the BlackBerry Q30. If they physical keyboard is really touch sensitive too - game changer.

Love the name Connectedly and the site's color scheme. Keep it up!

Everything connected! I want to b able to switch from any device and be able to do anything. Content is more important than the device for me...

I like products that allow me to send music from my phone via bluetooth. I can do that with my car and Sony/Google TV box, but I don't have a Sonos (hint, hint).

Congratulations to the site and developers!

I am interested in home automation...Connectedly controlled via my BlackBerry 10. Reprogrammable NFC stickers could be part of the solution.

I'll be signing the purchase of my new home... TODAY!!! What a better way to kick off a really cool home automation project than with one of these cool products. Great job on the new website!

The smart products that excite me the most are GPS and in-car entertainment systems that are finally starting to get really integrated with smartphones.

I'm most excited about the Philips Hue products and what you can do with them and IFTTT! "If I have a Google Calendar appointment coming up, blink my lights". "If the weather is going to be warmer today, flash red". Etc. So cool!

Great new site! Even better contest. One little thing though; the colour scheme on the site still looks like it could use a little tweaking. The colours just don't look as connected as they do on other mobile nations sites.

I'm a big fan of all things connected but I'm really looking forward to a great watch that really integrates with WP.

I love the idea of being able to control all devices from one another, such as using my phone/tablet/PC to control a chromecast. But right now, my biggest short term interest is in smartwatches as long as they can get the aesthetics right (think Moto 360), functionality useful, platform/company agnostic (i.e. don't want a watch that only works with Samsung phones), and the right price point!

Love the name of the new website. Seems quite appropriate. I'm interested in finding latest tools/gadgets to get my home more connected.

I like how this contest was designed, bring people back every day for a month :P Hopefully it gives Conectedly the support and traffic it deserves! :) I know I'm looking forward for the new visitors :P

Congrats on the launch guys, I wish you guys the best of luck. Alright, onto the free stuff:

I really want revolve in my home, I have a lot of internet of things devices that I want to tie all into one.

I have several WeMo products. Love them. Using IFTTT I connect them to the Automatic in my car. If I'm home (geo fence) and my car turns off, WeMo lights come on.

Great idea to drive traffic to the site with multiple entries!
I figure if you go everyday for a month it becomes routine!
I hope I win something!!!!

rebranding and renaming this to Connctedly was a move in the right direction as the previous name was too limiting. as technology progresses and different gadgets and things start interacting and interfacing with eachother, i am sure we will see more people soming here from different platforms... wish you guys success in this new effort of yours.
and yes, thank you for the contest.

Do you think we will see more then just smart wearables in the near future, like stuff embedded in people, rather than wearable? Or wearables that are more integrated in the person than current ones?

I started following this site from the beginning for coverage of the Pebble watch. The expansion to all connected devices is great. There is now one site for the best, most trustworthy news and reviews of all things connected. Love it!

I currently use Control4 products in my home, and have been very interested in trying Sonos.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Im actually pretty interested in both Sonos and Hue. And the new smart connected door locks from Kiwi, I think kiwi, look/sound pretty neat.

I love to add the Sonos playbar to my Sonos play 5. I think this site will rock and will be the trendsetter for tech wearables. Smartwatch was the second site I check everyday after Crackberry. It's through both sites that led me to new kick starter campaigns which I proudly backed.

So far, I'm pretty impressed with the Connectedly site. Good show!

I'm pretty excited about NFC connected devices. NFC is a fantastic technology and I use it daily. My fiancee and I are getting married in a few months. we're mid way making our invitations (we're doing everythign ourselves)... I'm making NFC stickers to attach to the invitation to give BlackBerry and Android users quick access to the wedding's GPS location, as well as a wedding website.

I am most excited about the connected fitness device space, as it expands to health and wellness features

I think it's great that the site is getting a new focus!

I'd be really interested in seeing whether/how the smart home industry moves to modular, open approaches. I applaud Philipps for making the Hue a ZigBee LightLink compliant product, and I'm especially excited to see things like the NinjaSphere/Spheroid hit the market. It's good to have the excellent team from MobileNations cover this space!

I love it when your contests are international. Keep up the good work with mobile nations and please give me the prize.

I cant wait until everything is connected and very easy to control. And everything uses the same standards so its easy for anyone using any device to control everything.

Love the site. I put it on my daily browsing list! I'm interested in integration of mobile devices to everything.

i'm very interested in tech that relates to small children. as a soon to be first time parent it's about the only thing i have time to think about anyway

It will be interesting how the smartwatch progresses. I personally don't see the point, but I also prefer mechanical objects versus electrical ones.

On another note, I'm moving into a new apartment or onto a boat (still deciding), so sound system would be swell.

This site is great. I'm really enjoying finding new ways to "connect" my life these days. WeMo + IFTTT is great, and I'm incredibly excited for the light bulbs and hopefully more products to come out.

First time visitor to the site for this contenst, but that won't stop me from checking out what this page has to offer. Oh yeah, and insert witty and winning comment here :D

I'd love some Sonos. In general I think everything related to home media are my greatest interests as I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out the optimal media solution. I would use a smartwatch but so far I don't really feel the need to go out and buy one.

Wow do I want a sphero! I'm really happy about the new site and the future of connected devices in general.

Sonos line of speakers

as i m a big nokia mix radio and xbox music lover from india

and this speaker really give me exciting experience .

just hoping for best !!

The rebranding makes sense Kevin, It's a connected world that we live in.

Wireless connected devices (especially wearables) will get a massive launch into the public domain this year as the technology gets cheaper to manufacture and distribute.

Great articles so far, keep up the good work :)

Great contest! I have been looking at the SONOS for the past two years and I am happy with the new support for Google Play Music. I am also excited for wearables as I think these will definitely change the way we interact with our devices and each other.

I really like the re-branded idea to expand beyond smart-watches. I didn't follow the site before, but I will now since it has a broader appeal.

It always scares me when a site like this launches, I already buy too many electronics as is... Either way though, Hue has always seemed like an amazing concept but its price has (in my opinion) prohibited it from becoming as "main stream" as it could.

At the moment fitness trackers, smart lights and IFTTT are the most exciting things in the connected space IMO. Each day I see a new IFTTT recipe that I would like to incorporate into my life.

Love the idea of home automation...anything to make controlling devices easier...until they become self aware...I would hate for my sphero to try to kill me in my sleep!

What connected stuff am I most interested in? Smart watches, wireless sound systems, and of course Google Glass. Only recently got into smart watches (buying a Pebble soon), never had enough spare money to justify spending it on something from Sonos or similar things like that and Google Glass has always fascinated me :D I would totally buy Glass but 1500 bucks is a big stretch o_o

Being connected is the biggest trend now and for good reasons. Many devices that come out on the market really improve our everyday lives, add some fun and entertainment or are simply fine for us nerds. Love the progress and new tech. Good luck with the new site.

I'm a fan of where smart watches are going. I currently had a fitbit but am looking for a smart watch to replace it and add more functionality. Maybe a Pebble but I am waiting to see what's next.

I'm most excited about the Moto360 and Android wear in general, I think it's really going to revolutionise the current smartwatch

A great expansion and with mobile connection becoming more common place in every day life makes perfect sense from mobile nations, my main intreauge at the moment is home automation and security monitoring from my smartphone.

I am most excited about second screens, connected cars, and the medical devices. I don't work in the healthcare space, but my wife does and so due many of our friends. I think connecting most of the hospital and devices will be very cool. Of course, in the consumer space I am excited about the cars!

Site looks very interesting. I like things that can make my life easier to control and get info when/how I want it (plus some of it is just plain fun). Would like to win any one of these.

I love the Sonos products, my parents have them and im jealous every time i go to their homes. I am most excited about smart products that can interface with cellphones, smart bulbs, smart switches etc, which can either automate a home, or be controlled remotely

When this was Smartwatch Fans, was not all that excited, but maybe a broader focus will keep me interested (assuming there actually is a broader focus).

This site launch coincides beautifully with my new found obsession with android based home automation....looking forward to what you guys put out. Would love to see lots of diy type stuff.

I wasn't sure about the site name until I saw this catch phrase... "Life is better when you live connectedly" I love it! You should be plastering that everywhere on the site.

I probably would love the Hue lights the best. I have completely changed my house over to 100% LED and have noticed my energy readings going down. Phase 2 involved redoing switches/outlets with smart version so getting a head start with HUE would be amazing.

I'm ready to see the first hands-on videos of the Moto 360 and other Android Wear devices when they're released. Really hoping that Android Wear lives up to the mock-ups, but we'll find out before long. Regardless, the implementation of Google Now is the best decision they could do with Android Wear, in my opinion.

The moto 360 is the device that excites me the most, I've been waiting for round smartwatches for a long time, hopefully it will be a good product worth buying :)

Right now for me the most exciting part of the connected space must me what is happening with products like Nests Thermostats and Protects, and Philips Hue. We have only scratched the surface on digital home integration and the internet of things but its already an exiting space!

Some great ideas have come to fruition so far -- from RFID tags that mark safe-to-unlock zones to WiFi-connected Quadcopters being used to assist firefighters assessing active hot zones. Go Connectedly.

I love technology, and I enjoy reading, watching podcasts ( & Twit), and listening to podcasts (Vector). The smart products that currently excite me the most are phones, tablets, photography, personal computers, and wearable devices. I currently own an Apple TV, Macbook Air, iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 2. I am very exited about the new iPhone 6 that is coming out later this year. I hope it has a bigger screen, and if it does than I will sell my current iPhone and buy the new one. I also am exited about wearable technology. I am really not impressed with the current tech. such as the Pebble and the SamSung watches. I personally want wearable devices to use health apps that can tell me everything about myself, when to eat, and when to drink, and how healthy I am. I also want wearable devices to be an extension of my phone and it needs to be fashionable and have a killer battery. Let me know if you have any responses.

In my house - connected music would be great. Been eyeing some sonos but don't have the $ saved yet. Hopefully soon.....

Hello! What a great contest to launch the site. Sure got me interested, not to mention I'm already a techie so I would of found myself over here anyway. But thanks for the opportunity and God bless.

Love the site! Excited to see how connected devices expands away from smartphones to wearables!

Not to sound like a "fanboy" but I am excited by the idea of an Apple smartwatch. I currently have a Pebble and, even though it's limited, I really love it.

The most intriguing devices right now are airplay speakers and portable boxes for summer on the patio, at the pool, and in the house. Thanks for the great updates!

Looking forward to moving into my house and actually start using all the connected devices I read about. Nest will be first, and already have one of the Hue bulbs, pair it all with a Moto 360 when it comes out and I'll be in business!

Wow amazing site. I'm already a huge Mobile Nations fan starting off with my trustworthy BB and the Crackberry site, then got my first two Android devices the LG G Flex and the Google Nexus 7, and added Android Central to the daily must-check routine, and now I've been drooling lately for the Sonos Speakers and the Sphero which would be dazzling for my little Kiddo. Keep up the great work Mobile Nations.

Connected devices are something exciting.
Even more when you think about stuff like Tasked or IFTTT. And the best thing is: it's just the beginning.
I really hope of some kind of home automation with the smartphone as the central hub.

Get small stuff on your watch. Control the light (hue), listen music (sonos), watch TV or any other filmed stuff (Chromecast) or control your thermostats (nest).

If it develops into the right direction it will be amazing.

What will excite me the most is hearing about products that are or are going to be built for or are compatible with my BlackBerry 10 device. There are so many products that are made for Android and iOS devices but us BlackBerry users want some love too.
So Smartwatches, speakers, maybe even car stereos / decks. Anything compatible with BB10

Looking forward to more great reviews and articles for all my connected devices.

In terms of devices that excite me most, 3 things come to mind:
- Philips Hue, for the ability to alter the mood lighting via IFTTT
- WeMo switches, for freedom in home automation and control
- WiFi-enabled speakers, for being able to play music whichever room you are in

Great website. Hope you have a look at the LightwaveRF range of connected home products popular here in the UK, well, popular in my home anyway!

Interesting new direction. Looks much more broad. Me likey! Right now in the connected space the thing that has my attention most is wearable tech. I have a small group of folks that I work with that think wearable tech will lead to big gains in reconnecting communities and building a better social experience in the real world. It will be very exciting to see where this segment goes in the next few years.

I have to say I am looking forward to what the Nabu by Razer can do. It is a very simple yet useful device. In terms of notifications on your wrist and not being a smartwatch, it really seems that it will get the job done. The dual screens makes it great for both notifying and reading the notification with out interrupting what you are currently doing.

Wow, amazing grand price! I bought a Play:5 a few months back and absolutely love it, especially since Google Play Music has been integrated and I can connect to my Sonos from the Play Music app. Would love to add a PlayBar and Play:1 to my setup!

I have been trying to win that sonos every contest it was I get to add my profound opinions to this fledgling site. Your welcome.

I love the look of the hue lights.

The site name makes more sense now and gives a great show for all the crazy stuff out there.

Look forward to seeing what comes along

Great contest, great way to get people active on the site. I am very excited for what this site will bring in the coming months with the huge explosion in wearables expected this summer.

I am excited the most about home automation. I know this a broad area, but being able to adjust lights, music, temperature, etc from across the planet is exciting, period. Being home automation is still in the earlier stages, I am diving head first into smartwatches. The first few rounds have been released and are very usable. Now the next round is getting ready to come out and I could not be more excited to see what LG and Motorola have in store.

I just remodeled my home and I am now adding nest smoke alarm, nest thermostat and hue lights, etc. I love everything connected.

Bluetooth headphones that become smart excite me because I think they have the potential to be bigger than Google Glass.

Just moved to a new apartment and the roomy and I were just talking about picking up the Sonos system, why not give it a shot!

I've really excited to see wearable tech evolving to a usable level. I can't wait for the Moto 360 to be released, and for Glass to reach mass production (and thereby be more affordable, I hope).

I'm looking forward to whole home reaching a similar level. Connected appliances and HA are really coming along, but still so manufacturer specific. They really need to come together. One ring to rule them all. ;)