LG reportedly plans to launch a smartwatch running webOS in early 2016

LG G Watch
By John Callaham on 7 Jan 2015 08:02 am

A new report from CES 2015 claims that LG plans to launch a new smartwatch using the webOS operating system sometime in 2016. Rumors about such a product were first reported a few months ago when a webOS smartwatch SDK was briefly teased on an LG-owned developer website.

The Wall Street Journal used an unnamed source "familiar with the plans" at CES 2015 as the basis for their report. The source is quoted as saying, "We're going to slowly try to build an (software) ecosystem around areas we can have more control over." LG already uses webOS as the operating system for its smart TVs and today's report says LG might also use it in future home appliances. It acquired webOS from HP in 2013.

LG already has launched smartwatches that use Android Wear.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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LG reportedly plans to launch a smartwatch running webOS in early 2016


Would like to see WebOS OS + LG Smartphone.. I always loved WebOS.. It had Notification center, device continuity way before Android and iOS.. in fact, WebOS is where Android copied it's notification center and multitasking 'card' idea from.. Now it's in iOS too..

Ironic and sad really. Palm was the real innovator here when it comes to smartphone UI, and HP was foolish.. The CEO of the time an idiot.. Of course he was fired in less than a year, but the damage was already done. :/

One of the better looking smartwatches....I'm sure it wont work with Windows Phone, so I guess not for me... but, still very nice looking.