LG's prototype smartwatch is running Open webOS

LG Audi webOS watch
By Adam Zeis on 7 Jan 2015 08:06 pm

There are plenty of smartwatches here at CES 2015, but perhaps none as interesting as the LG/Audi prototype. The nameless LG watch isn't running Android Wear though — it's running Open webOS. We know that LG plans to bring webOS to wearables, and this device give us a great look at what could be in the pipeline down the road.

For all the juicy details and plenty eye-candy, head over to Android Central for the full scoop.

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LG's prototype smartwatch is running Open webOS


I am very excited for the new year of smart gear especially the 007 watches coming out from almost every OEM & 3rd party and soon to bes

I always liked WebOS back in the day and think for watches it will be perfect. That being said, will be interesting to see with what other devices it will work along with. Would love to get this to go with my iPhone.