LIX Pen is a portable, professional 3D printing pen

Lix Pen
By Simon Sage on 30 Apr 2014 11:46 am

A Kickstarter campaign has recently kicked off to huge success for a 3D printing pen called Lix. Basically, it melts plastic so you can draw and sculpt objects in mid-air, much like the 3Doodler. The main difference here is that the Lix is much more ergonomic and it can be powered by a standard USB plug. With better grip, one can imagine it's easier to be precise and avoid hand strain.

Though the use cases are somewhat dubious for this class of product, the end result is undeniably neat. Obviously there's a ton of interest around free-form 3D printing, seeing as the Lix campaign has already blown well past their funding goal. You can secure one of these for $135 on the Lix Kickstarter page. Any takers?

Source: Lix

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LIX Pen is a portable, professional 3D printing pen


Now thats such a cool idea for designers to show of an idea on the fly.. A 3d model is capable of explaining so much more to somebody than a technical drawing, especially if there not use to reading such.