Might this joystick-like display solve smartwatches' usability problem?

By Phil Nickinson on 29 Apr 2014 01:03 pm

In a word, no. Or, maybe. For some. Depends on the user interface, really. But Carnegie Mellon University's Gierad Laput thinks this prototype smartwatch — with a display that pans, twists, tilts and clicks — might solve that puzzle. It borrows some from gamepads, yeah. And any option available to manufacturers and developers is a good one, we suppose. (Though we do worry a little bit about introducing more moving parts into the equation.

Anyhoo. Have a look-see and see what you think.

via New Scientist

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Reader comments

Might this joystick-like display solve smartwatches' usability problem?


Always nice to see prototypes. Means people are thinking and innovation may be on the way. Doesn't look to water proof :P

Well...it's something I guess. I share the sentiment about moving parts though, especially in something that is supposed to be somewhat rugged, like a watch. Sliders and the like are fine for phones that spend most of their time in your pocket, but for something that's on your wrist all day, every day, prone to bumps and scrapes, I just can't see mechanical navigation as being a good solution.

I think this is a spectacular concept. Obviously, the prototype needs refined, it's far too bulky and cumbersome in its current incarnation, but the idea is a good one. I look forward to seeing how this progresses.