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Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash fitness tracker offers new colors and lower price point

Misfit has announced a new line of wearables called Flash. These are a marked departure from their previous fitness monitors with plastic construction (though still waterproof), and boasting a bunch of new color options. The Misfit Flash trackers are coming soon to major retailers, and will cost...
Misfit partners with Beddit to help you get a good night's sleep

Misfit partners with Beddit to help you get a better night's sleep

Misfit has announced their latest partnership, this time with Beddit, that will offer folks a way to monitor themselves while sleeping at night with the Misfit Beddit Sleep System The partnership will include the Beddit Sleep Monitor, a strip that's been designed to be placed on the mattress...
Misfit Shine — not long for this world?

Misfit CEO sees wearable fitness trackers getting crushed by smartwatches

Today saw the announcement that Misfit's activity tracking software was coming to Pebble smartwatches, something that took us by surprise, apparently it's because Misfit's leadership saw the death of dedicated fitness trackers in the tea leaves. All told, wearable fitness trackers are a...
Misfit's new watchapp lets you count steps with just a Pebble

Misfit's new watchapp lets you count steps with just a Pebble

Pebble and Misfit have teamed up to bring a new option for activity tracking to the Pebble smartwatch. The addition of a Misfit app for Pebble now enables Pebble owners to get their fitness tracking on with just their Pebble — no additional Misfit Shine wearable necessary. The Misfit...
Misfit Shine

Two new colors for Misfit Shine coming to Best Buy this weekend

The Misfit Shine is a nifty little fitness tracker for those looking for more than just a watch-style band, and it will soon be available in even more colors. Currently the Shine is only offered in black and grey varieties, but starting Sunday, Best Buy will exclusively offer Coral and Storm Blue...