Misfit Shine gets blingy with new solar-powered Swarovski accessories

Misfit Shine Swarovski
By Simon Sage on 5 Jan 2015 10:33 am

Swarovski and Misfit have struck up a partnership to produce a new line of classy accessories for the Shine fitness tracker. They maintain waterproof quality, but the most impressive thing is the new violet model which offers built-in solar charging.

The violet version of these accessories collects light and keeps the Misfit Shine charged, which is quite an impressive feat. The idea of never having to charge your fitness tracker or replacing its batteries is appealing, provided it actually gathers enough solar power.

Nine of the new accessories are currently available for preorder; the slake bracelet in gray, dark gray, and black are going for $69.99 each; three wrist bands will cost between $99.99 and $124.99; and the pendants range from $125.99 to $149.99. Check out the full set at Misfit's online store.

Source: Misfit