Modillian Bluetooth clasp makes classy dumbwatches smarter

By Jerry Hildenbrand on 13 May 2014 03:43 pm

Launching via Kickstarter on June 10, the Modillian Bluetooth watch strap buckle aims to make your fine timepiece "smart." It won't let you install apps, or give your watch a camera, but it does connect to your smartphone and can be programmed with custom vibrating alerts to let you know when a message comes in, and from what application.

The folks at Modillian know that many people want style and functionality. The current crop of smartwatches look very much like smartwatches, and while some of us appreciate the look there are as many who don't.

The Modillian is set to be priced at $200 and won't work with a metal bracelet — for now. Modellian says if this product is successful they will introduce new models that will address this.

What do you think? Would you spend $200 to make your Patek or B&M a little smarter? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Modillian Via Gizmodo


Adam Zeis

Pretty cool, although I don't own a mechanical watch.

Teso Dos Bichos

Neither do I and my wrists are device free but I'm definitely still going to have a whine at the ridiculous price!


I do, and I own a pebble and I own a Sammy watch. I promise you that the Sammy is the watch I wear 9 out of 10 times, and that tenth is a classy watch for an event. I never wear the pebble anymore because it wasn't smart enough.

Teso Dos Bichos

$200 for a vibrating clip that doesn't even work with a metal bracelet? Hell no.


Agreed. Far too pricey. My Pebble is ugly, but it was only $120.

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It's a watch accessory more expensive than a watch!

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Definitely not worth the 200 bucks to vibrate my wrist as well as my left but cheek ^_^

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Laura Knotek

Not for me. I wouldn't pay $200 for a watch band.


Great idea, too pricey.

Seth Chastain

kinda kool, but too pricey.


I actually would consider something like this. Better than wearing some of the smartwatches out there, but it would definitely need to come down in price for it to be something I would buy.


Too pricey. Wonder if this is a one size fits all or different for each band size.

Drew Oswalt

Good idea. But for $200, it's not worth it. And it looks like it'll break easily. Might as well get a Pebble.

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Tom Welfringer

For that price you could get a pebble and buy a fancy wristband for it. Or add $50 and buy a pebble steel. This device is way too pricy.

Haytham Hamad

Too pricey for a Morse code receiver


The idea is absolutely great. Making a dumbwatch smart... That is a step in the right direction but the pricing is stupid. The strap costs much more than most dumbwatches do ofcourse not counting the luxury time pieces by swatch and such. But who in their right mind would attach this band to a swatch. I know I won't coz the materials just won't gel together and those who prefer class in their expensive time pieces are surely not gonna do that. So I don't really see a market for this product unless the pricing is reduced... By like a lot.!!


The idea is absolutely awesome, but 200$ is completely overpriced. I would buy it for less than 80$


That's a tiny "device" with a bluetooth receiver and a vibrator. Why on earth does it cost $200 ??!!


Jeez why so expensive??

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