Announcing Connectedly's 'A Month of Pi' Contest

By Lloyd Summers on 16 Jun 2014 03:29 pm

My mother used to always tell me "you can't eat pie every day!". Well today I intend to prove my mother wrong by launching our A Month of Pi Contest! Even though it's #MobileFit month here at Mobile Nations, we figured that giving away some Pi wasn't necessarily a bad thing in this case. If you've ever wanted to get started with Raspberry Pi but weren't sure just where to start — here's your chance!

What is it?

With our ongoing Raspberry Pi and Arduino articles, we know some of you need some gear to follow along! As a result we've grabbed a bunch of Raspberry Pi's (Model B, 512MB) from Newark Canada for some great giveaways! What better to get into the Internet of Things than with a credit card sized mini computer?

These Raspberry Pi's even come with 8GB SD cards pre-loaded with NOOBS, so they are ready to go for your next great project!

What are the Specifications?

  • Core Architecture: ARM
  • Core Sub-Architecture: ARM11
  • Features: 512MB RAM, ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz MPU, VideoCore IV GPU, 2 USB + Ethernet + HDMI ports, mounting holes
  • Kit Contents: RPI MOD-B Brd, Assembled Board Only
  • No. of Bits: 32bit
  • SVHC: To Be Advised
  • Silicon Core Number: BCM2835
  • Silicon Family Name: BCM2xxx
  • Silicon Manufacturer: Broadcom

How do I Win?

Once a week for a month (that's 4 times!) we will be giving away a free Raspberry Pi to one lucky Connectedly reader (take that mom!). That means you'll have four chances to win, though you can only win one. To enter, simply leave a comment here on what YOU would do with a Raspberry Pi! This one runs through July 11th and we'll be giving away one Pi per week until then. Good luck!!



ive been looking into getting one.


I would turn my dumb printer into a network enabled printer. I would also turn my external HDs into NAS.


I have an old dead Mac SE that I have been thinking about gutting and installing a Pi inside. That's about as far as I've gotten with this plan.


I'd use it as a home server for streaming media.


I want to mount a pi in an old Atari 2600 case and load it with emulators and games.


I've been thinking of picking up one for a while. RasPlex.


I'm digging up my old HO and N-Scale model trains in my parents attic and would love to try to devise something to control the rail switchers and other accessories.


I think I'd just have fun tinkering with some Pi!


I would learn ARM assembler and make my TV smart.


I'm interested in making a watch that shows time, temperature, heart rate and more. If all else fails, a robotic arm will be magnificent.

It'll be an awesome learning experience since I'm only 15 :-P


If I won a pi, I’d try to build a cnc machine of sorts that would use a pencil to draw svg's. If I couldn't get it working I'd just play with it. Looking forward to more of your articles Mr. Summers.
(Michelle, Pick me. *hugs*)


There's so many choices, I can't decide!

I could:
- Make a web server
- An SSH Server
- A media player connected to a tv
- Get the kids programming
- Get a touch screen and make a media center in the car, wifi enabled to sync new media at home
- Something else I haven't thought of yet!


I will contribute to getting open webos ports working on Raspberry Pi

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Who doesent like Pi? I would so like to win this.


I would use it with the Thalmic Myo armband I have here on my desk.


If I win this Pi, I'm going to teach my 11 year old how to program this for home automation.


A very good place to start, and exactly what I would do with it.


I think I would try to set it up as an arcade machine or a web server.


I'd make it a print server for my old usb only laser printer.


I would love to learn arm programming, to develop smart house programs


I'd build a low power Bitcoin mining rig. Not a big one that would actually make a profit, but just for the fun of it.

If I had a whole lot of Pi, I'd be playing with some miniature grid computing. Just because I could.

And if I had just one more Pi than I needed for everything else, I'd turn it into a media player running XBMC :-)

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Lloyd Summers

Loving the suggestions you guys :). A lot of this is exactly what I did when I first got an RPi!

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I'd use it with my other one to create a streaming client and server.


A NAS! I'm tired of leaving my other pcs up all the time. This will waste less energy and won't take up as much space. Oh and get my printer hooked into that too.


I would build whatever crazy thing Jerry has lined up for his next article and it would be awesome because Jerry and Pi.

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I would upgrade my electric swing arm gate to an internet of things version: remote opening and camera monitoring over the internet!

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I have an older stereo hooked up to our back patio that I would like to hook up to a Pi to make it airplay and streaming compatible.


What would I do with a Pi? First thing would be to follow some of the great tutorials on this site, and then...who knows!


Woot pi!

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Is add another xbmc box to my collection

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itr themes

The short answer is I would use it to bond with my 14 year old. So many projects we can dig into together, all while learning something new. Crossing my fingers on this one!

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The Elusive Wordsmith

Too many possibilities, would probably try out everything I could. Actually saw a video about using Skype with it, said it was complicated but I like a challenge. That or I might just see if I can build a laptop or something.

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I would use it for an XBMC box or a personal openVPN server. Either would be very useful for me.


I haven't really looked in to it, but I'm sure there's a way to make my external hard drives accessible from the cloud with a Pi

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Can someone say home automation!

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I wold install the RaspPi in a SNES case and run a bunch of retro emulators on it.


OMG i've always wanted one of these!! If i win one it would give me great fun in learning code as well as a deeper understanding of how these things work!


I use my pi as a media player in hotels

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I'm not sure what I'd use it for. Some possibilities include: print server, NAS, or start of home automation experiments.

Drew Oswalt

I was thinking about making a media player. Mainly to hook up my BlackBerrys to and watch movies and listen to music.

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Participating for Raspberry Pi's, will be great for him to win me


I can think of a few things I would do with one of these... run emulators, playing videos, make a housing for it out of legos... I want :)


Make this happen, make me win!
I am gonna use it for, well, a lot of things.. not gonna bother with making a list but please Sir Lloyd Summers and Ms. Michelle, make me win this.. bring back faith to humanity. ;)
(I will pay you guys twice its cost, just make me win.. help me make my parents proud)
May the force be with you(if you don't like that, Live Long and Prosper)


I've been wanting to set up a backup/media streaming server which I can keep on 24/7 on my network. This would be perfect for that!

Koko Pineda

I'll be using this on our design projects and my experiment. Perfffffect! I'm excited to have one and start prototyping new projects!

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I would use it to make edit pictures and videos and a little bit of games

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I would use it to foil the squirrels' evil plot


With a RPi — I would build a home automation controller


I would use it to make a laser skirmish game. I used to play in my area but the friend with the guns moved away. With this I would start programming a laser skirmish game and gun. I would post pictures of my endeavor =)

For those who don't know: laser skirmish is like paintball, but instead of shooting paint balls you're shooting each other with IR lasers. This isn't arena laser tag, it's out in the woods running around and taking cover. Each player has a gun and sensors. It's extremely fun!


I would definitely go the NAS route with a new RPi. It's really nice to be able to setup different SD cards for different applications but a permanent backup solution, and then a permanent XBMC, and then a permanent private cloud and then ... Oh well, where did that element 14 catalog go.


gimme gimme gimme. I've always wanted to make a dedicated XBMC server. this seems like this would be the ideal solution for me. Now, if I only knew someone who was giving away free pi's


i would use it to teach my kid about automation..and build cool stuff


Yes! I really would LOVE to have one! I have an in-house purpose using Synergy to display my work on my TV. My other purpose is a legal pro bono project that utilizes this Instructables: So, PLEASE PICK ME!


I would try to controll so.e stepper motors as a first step to build a 3D printer :)

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I just got giddy as a school-girl with this contest announcement! (imagine how I'll get if I win...)

If I had a Raspberry Pi I'd do is set up HomePass with cycling ip addresses. This way I'd never run out of StreetPasses on my 3DS (another device to live

Thanks for the contest. Good Luck everyone!


I would look at a combo Plex player with x10/cm15a controller. Nothing say fun like playing with the lights when your at work.


See if I can produce a stroke coach (Rowing Computer) like item.

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I would use it to make a home media server. Eventually I would like to control other electronics around the house. Also want to integrate it into home security. Hook me up! Thanks for the contest!!


I wouldn't know where to begin! I've been eyeballing these micro computers for quite some time, and making a home server for media would be my first application I guess. Soon I'd expand into home security and domotics as well, hacking this thing all the way :)
I've got too many tech hobbies ... could really use some cool giveaways to keep going ;)


Awesome. I would donate it to a member of a student hackathon group I started , @HackItMac


Media server most probably to start with.

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I would give it to my kids so they can learn technology and start helping their old man instead of the other way around. I can't think of a better starting spot than a Pi


As a hopeless gamer, I'd likely first explore those avenues. Ultimately, though, I'd like to figure out how to set it up as a internet radio source to feed the Sonos speakers I won on the last giveaway.


What wouldn't I do with a Raspberry Pi???

The hardest part would be figuring out what I wanted to do first. Home file server? Boring. Home automation? Little better. Automate feeding and watering the cat as well as random laser dot generation to keep her active? Idea #1465 on the list.


I would love a Pi. but as a beginner i would probably have to go with Jerry's blinky lights as my first project and hopefully spring board into some type of home automation. Remote Light switch or something :)


This would be great to make media center.
But I just might have a crack at making augumented reality headset or home automation


RPi with Gyro and Accelerometer = Bike computer for me


Learn and build a nas/streamer


Perfect for the tinkerer in me!

Rayhaan Azhar

From where I am from this would be a great start for the underdeveloped areas like mine where technology cost is very high. So the next give away I pray be mine.

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I've been toying with the idea of creating a mini media player with one of these to start with. Then see what else I can do. Maybe some home automation or security.


I really want to tinker with various things around my house to see what best projects work for me and my family.




I would love to call a raspberry pi mine…


Looking to get into the Pi world, this would be a great way to start.


Looking forward to getting one, use it for some cool automation at home... Or a tiny emulator ;)

John Dorado

Awesome! I'd turn the Raspberry Pi into an XBMC Media Center. Pick me please!

justin cleversley

could swear i commented... cant find it though.
I'm not "tech savvy" but I'd really like to try turning my tv into, sort of, a "mini" workstation. I say mini more in terms of the work I'd be able to do rather than physical size (51in Screen ;P). Hopefully I could create word/excell documents, or I could download an emulator to play classic console games??.. IDK. Gimme that thang though!!


Use it as a server back end for the kegbot I'm building.


I'd use it for some automation projects I've been wanting to try!


Use it to control things around the house.

Mary Mougeot

Would enjoy having this, thanks for the nice giveaway...

John Ellison

This one's easy! If I had a Pi, I'd use the Parsefeeder package to read an Atom10 feed of my Gmail and turn on an LED on a breadboard, that way I'll know when I get a specific email, so I won't have to refresh my email every five minutes.

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John Ellison

...specifically so my job would be done for me. I wouldn't have to sit in front of my Gmail from 9-5 waiting on a request. Workplace automation at its best!!

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Rich Champness

Media player for my spare tv

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Never used one before, but I'd like to try.

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I want to build a HTPC out of it!


Let's win some stuff!

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I want to make a portable retro gaming console to go with my USB NES controllers. Would make a NES looking case for it too.


I'd use the pi for a wee bit of home media streaming


Endless possibilties with this great new PI.


I'd use it as a lightweight mini PC, and experiment with ARM Linux distros, Risc OS, AROS, and Plan 9!


I'd use it for testing out Linux on ARM - I'm not really that sure how far development has come since I last used it.


I'd turn it into a retro gaming system for my tv. Oh and possibly to play starwhal once they release a linux version.


Would love one to integrate into my entertainment system to audimate all of my components!

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Id probably put in my grandmother's car to track her driving, breaking, speed, etc.. Also in case she gets lost or god forbid an accident. Might be a good use.

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Raspberry Pie is a fantastic dessert :D


First of all I would make it in to a Plex Media Server. So I can use it with my Samsung TV to watch movies and tv series. I would also try to turn it into an automation hub. Try to hook up some sensors and actuators.


Funny that many of the articles on this site have no comments unless you mention free stuff... Can't wait for this site to gain as much of a following as other mobile nations sites!

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I would so like to win this.


Always wanted to try out over of these babies!


Awesome, I would definitely use it for a Media center


What would I do? I would probably have to buy a book to learn how to work with it, but it would definitely be worth it. My geek senses are tingling!


Does it also come in Apple or Blueberry? :)


Mmmmmm, what should I build?


Sign me up!

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I always wanted to try Raspberry Pi


This would be my home media server.



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this will be great. I am looking to hone in my skills from the basic stamp board.


Have been wanting one this would be great!


I would try to make a dew detector for my telescope. Put temperature sensors on the inside and outside of my telescope and ping a speaker when the two temperatures equalize.

Chethan G1

I would like to try out some of the cool home automation projects. Maybe try making a circuit to open the door of my home when I am nearby.

Branden Benvie

I've always have been meaning to get one of these to try it out never did

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Would love one to make a media server for my home network.


I would make it as an OpenVPN server and Smokeping node for my home network. My DD-WRT router is a little bit slow !


Definitely using it as an upgrade to my media system as a whole


I'm already a huge Arduino fan. Would love to tinker with a Pi and try out some of the advanced features it gives. I'm into Model Railroading, so I can see some interactive possibilities with this unit.

Ahmad Nadeem

Count me in for free stuff..........even though I never win

Dan Gerszewski1

woohoo! free stuff.

Seriously though I have been asking for a pi for christmas for a few years now.

Mick Davis

Oh, I want one please! :-)


I've heard I can run my train layout with a Pi. Hope to win and play with that very thing.


Great! Hope i'll be lucky to get one! :)


Would love to have this and actually make something useful out of it. Can I has please??

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With my RPi it would be a media server, connected to all my portable HDD's. Media access to all all my screens, big and small, just adjacent to my old wifi router with no USB port built in


RPi would be a great tool to understand the basics of Linux and would also make for great programming tool for low end hardware and RPi itself.

Gershon Brooks

It would probably end up being used for entertainment, although I may find other uses too.

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I want a Raspberry Pi for some time now, i would like to use it as a simple home web server where i could easily test and use my projects, and sometimes using it as a file server.


I love stuff!

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I would attempt to learn how to code.


The price would most definitely be right!

Marcus Fernandes

I want one!!!

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I want to make a digital wall calendar synced with my Google calendar!

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My friend has one and I'm jealous please hook me up #mobilefit

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Neagu Ionut Bogdan

I would connected the Raspberry Pi to my 21,5" monitor ant teach my parents to use it :)


I would like to build a LAMP server and play with some APIs.


I intend to build a droid army to take over the world. All controlled from a raspberry pi.

...or I would donate it to my local school. Depends on my mood on the day.
yours faithfully,


I still want one to roll a custom Backup and media streaming server!!!!


Great Website, lost my Pebble, but still read your website all the time!


So many things i could do with it. Would love to win one.


Cool little device! I'd love to win one

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Always wanted to get into this.


Nice wouldnt mind getting my hands on one of those.


I can't wait until Tao day aka 2*Pi or June 28th.


Hmm i need one for my pinball machine emulation :)


Would be fun to play with.


I'm not sure what I'd do with it. Maybe hopefully sort out my Smart TV / NAS issue.


I would so like to win this.


I would really like to replace my Subsonic server with something that won't be affected by what I am doing on my PC.


I will eat it with some cream.

Joking. I think I want to try and do as many things as I can with it and experiment.

Stephen Wass

Been watching some videos on it and have been recently inspired. Im 16 years old and im looking for something productive and intuitive to do over the summer. I have all these ideas that have popped in my head (most of them people have already done but i would like to do on my own), like a portable emulation machine or handheld mini computer etc. I think it would be a great way to explore the fundamentals of programming and hardware. Thankyou for this contest ~Stephen Wass


oh...a media server for me!


hmm im thinking a cheap version of google glasses could be cool or maybe a robot or something

so many possibilities hmmm


hi! sign me up please!


I'd like one of these to automate my lawn sprinklers!


Would love to make a photoframe with the raspberry pi displaying my loved ones pics and making my day special...

Koko Pineda

So heartbreaking to see other won not me. I so need one for my prototyping projects.

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I would love to have a new toy!!!!


I will learn how to use it!


Wow! I want it so deeply!

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I would like to make a solar powered weather station with 3G connectivity


I love Pi. Count me in.

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Let's see what I can make out of this.

Mary Mougeot

I would use it very much, this is awesome...

Mary Mougeot, I would love this, would use it wisely...


Could use one. Indeed


Sweet! I need one to turn my son into a mind controlled cyborg.


I want one to be my bittorrent sync server.


I would love one!

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Media/Network storage server.

Saad Azhar

I'd connect it to my TV and do internet browsing and development projects on it. Hoping for the best.


I want to make my own sous vide equipment

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I would use it to create a robot army ...

Randi Goodies

I'd plug it to my TV and learn how to program in scratch or python.


I want to try a mod that let's you voice control lights, this would be great for my dad who lost his vision.

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I would allow my students to develop using this in our Maker Lab!



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Yes - please give me a Pi!

Rich Champness

Smart TV :(

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Drew Oswalt

Media center

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Yay tasty yay

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Sounds awesome! Would love this!

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I'd love to build a home control system with one...


Amazing devices!

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Felipe Mesquita Ramos

Automate my parent's house in a way that's useful to them :D


Media device and all-around tinkering!

Brendon Belle

start developing a connected radio. mom wants a radio that uses fm that she can control with her phone.


Looks fun

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Would be sweet for the tinkerer in me.

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I like pie, happy happy pie. In all seriousness I'd probably use it to integrate into my home automation system for more flexibility.


I'd like to learn more about basic computing.

Posted from my secret lair.


Would love to make a small nasbox


I'd mostly connect out to my tv and stem to out over Wi-Fi, because chromecasts aren't available here!

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Would love one, I'm actually considering using it for a Car PC.


I'd like to use as a Media Center...


Just to learn and play with it is all I want to do. I keep reading articles on the boundless amount of projects that would be great to try.


I have absolutely no idea what I'd do with mine, because every time I've come up with an idea of what I'd do with one, I forget to write it down. Maybe a personal transcriber that records my crazy ideas.


I'd make a mini web server to brush up on my php.


I would build a better door opener or security camera.


I haven't decided what I would do as of yet. Maybe some kind of home automation project and/or integration with a smartwatch...


I've wanted a pi for a while and this would be an awesome way to get one!


I would use it to make a dash cam for my car. Though my drive is pretty boring I might get few things here and there that would be worth posting on youtube.


I'm gonna use it as a media server for me and my family.


I'd like to get a Raspberry PI for my children, so they can develop better computer skills, both in theory and practice. Surely enough, we could all have fun at the home, and also set forth our own "internet of things" family projects using the Raspberry PI.


This would be amazingly cool to play with. Pick me please.


i'm thinking of installing a sprinkler system in my house and this would be perfect with the OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi)


I've really been wanting to pick one of these up for a while, and just haven't gotten around to it.

I have a number of ideas that I'd like to implement, but most of all I'd love to set up Plex Home Theater in my family's swagger wagon. My kiddos have a tendency to destroy DVDs, so I rip every one we get to my Plex server and play their movies to our TVs using the Android app and a combination of Chromecasts and Plex Home Theater boxes. I'd love to extend this capability to my vehicle by having a Rasberry Pi hooked up to its displays and communicating on a WiFi network inside the vehicle for remote control. The master plan is to have it automatically detect the home WiFi when it pulls into the garage, and sync any new media available before shutting down.


I have been wanting to add some NAS to my network for the wife's pictures and the pi looks tempting with its price.

Chrislo Badenhorst1

awesome giveaway, I would love to build a portable PI and also a home media center using XMBC

Drew Oswalt

I would still make a media center. Mainly for movies and music.

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vivek pande

Finally some stuff for upcoming mini-project on iot....................................

Linda Davern

I've seen info about the Raspberry Pi but have been reluctant to purchase because I've never attempted to build anything techy before - but winning one would allow me to dive right in! I would be interested in building a media server!


I am a student incredibly interested in electrical and computer engineering. I would love to use it and learn note about this field and try some home automation.

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I would love to turn a hard drive of mine in to a NAS. Also, all my kids dvds are burned to a hard drive and I'd love to set some way for them to access them with their Nexus 7 via the network. It would also be great to make my printer a network enabled printer. Not sure if this is all possible but if I win I would be doing a lot research!

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I've wanted a Pi for since they've came out. My friends keep begging me to shut up about it but I refuse. Raspberry Pi's are simply the best thing any tekkie could want. Today, I went 75.7 miles (and that again back) to enter a competition, in which I had won the Pi, by beating everyone else until the last 10 minutes where three people had teamed up against me and I was robbed.


use it as a garage door opener and a water sprinkler controller and a web cam rolled into one


I would finally have more of a reason to learn more programing! Been putting it off until done with college and now is the time!


I want to use it with android tv as soon as it is available! That would be the best smart tv box ever!


I want to try and make a handheld using MAME.


I have been researching various ways of building and running a mobile HTPC (a go-everywhere machine). It's been quite a learning curve and I'm still a ways off from figuring everything out, but the Raspberry Pi looks like a stronger contender since it could enable me to access photos, videos and movies wherever I go. Whether we're roadtripping or flying, we pack our kids' DVD's and portable DVD player, a laptop (off limits to kids), and a DSLR along with an assortment of sundries including my hoard of SD cards. Would be lovely to consolidate this into fewer items to inventory.


I have plans to control a system for watering our garden and topping up our fish pond using collected rainwater and solar panels.


I would love to use an RPi as a CUPS server to turn my trusty all-in-one printer into a networked printer and scanner.


I would totally finally get my media center running XBMC in my living room with one of these!


I love pie and this Pi is no different. It is the tiny format and all that can be done with it that catches my eye.

Andrey Nazarchuk

NAS and make my printer network enabled, also learn some programing


I would use a Raspberry Pi to turn my TV into a computer and finally have a good use for my extra wireless keyboard and mouse!


I would like to make my own version of media server / TV box using it.


Complete Home Retro Gaming Emulator...... EPIC!!!


I would set it up for streaming video to my TV.


I would love a Raspberry Pi to tinker with. Maybe start with a Tor proxy


A Raspberry Pi would be awesome in my new house as the center of a home automation platform. I would like to make my own App to connect with it and control several aspects in my house using the Raspberry Pi :D

Da Slendyman

Please please please please


I'd make a DYI NAS with it. Or automate the apartment.. or... there are just too many options so I'll try them all! :)

Takuma Takenaka

My wife really need an all-view parking assist, I need the Pi to build her this birthday gift. Thanks in advance and tears T_T.