More like Moto 320, right?

More like Moto 320, right?
By Rene Ritchie on 26 Jun 2014 12:38 pm

Android Wear is certainly interesting and it's great to see several different variations from several different vendors like Samsung and LG. Motorola is probably the most interesting because, instead of a rectangular display, they went with a circle. Well, almost. While they call it the Moto 360, it looks a lot more like a Moto 320. (Moto 324 if we're getting the compasses out.) While the top and sides of the display are decidedly circular, the bottom is cut off. It's a concession to the current limits of technology and design. Would a bigger bezel, thicker body, or extruded strap element have been a better choice? I don't know. All I do know is that the chunk missing from the Moto 360 is like a splinter in my eye. I can never not see it.

What do you think? Was cutting off the bottom of an otherwise perfectly round display the right choice for the Moto 360 to make?



Now I can't un-see that either!


Was the first thing I noticed when I saw people using it. Splinter in my eye as well. Hard to know outside of their research/design lab, but probably would've gone for a slightly larger bezel all around if possible. Will be interesting to see response to the criticism that's sure to continue.


leave it to Renee to find the one thing to complain about on the Moto 360 :-)


Moto also said that they needed to do that to keep the bezels on the side at a minimum. there's electronics in there.

Illustrator Joe

Why was this article pulled over at AC? I was enjoying the blind hatred.


Blind hatred is best found on WPC or CrackBerry.

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Wolfgang Wessel

But the clock case is still 360 ;).
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Is it that big of a deal really?

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Maybe.. But Its something that can be fixed in the near future!!!

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