Moto 360 availability

Moto 360
By Jerry Hildenbrand on 5 Sep 2014 09:09 am

We've been looking longingly at the Moto 360 forever (or since we saw it at Google I/O) and the biggest question everyone has is: when?!

Now we have an answer. The Moto 360 will be available in black leather and a limited edition gray leather (with suede finish) in the US today noon EST. You can buy it direct on Google Play or, as well as online at and select Best Buy stores. The cost is $249.99 US with your choice of three different colors of leather bands.

But wait, there's more! The 360 will be available later in the fall in the two metal options for $299.99 US. If you buy the leather-banded version today, you'll also have an option to buy a metal band for $79.99, or purchase another leather band for $29.99 later in the fall.

Who is buying?

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Moto 360 availability


Its going to be £200 in UK. I was considering returning my gear live and getting this but I'm happy with what I have and for me I don't want to spend that extra money.

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I didn't really like the fact that always on screen is not an option on it to me its a dealbreaker

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I saw that somewhere too. I dont always have my screen on my gear live but its nice to be able to when I want it.

I haven't properly researched but I saw one site that said it was struggling to get a full day out of it! Hope that's not true. I'm getting a day and a half out of my gear live.

The 360 undoubtably is the best looking but if the above is true it may put people off.

I hope its not the case. I also follow macrumors (I used to have loads of apple stuff) and some of the ridiculous comments on there make me mad. One poster suggested Motorola rushed the 360 out to be just a week ahead of iwatch!!! As if all tech companies only did things on an apple rumor.

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The ambient mode appears to keep the display on but dimmed, just like the other AndroidWear watches.

Whoa, hang on. If we buy it now, its $250 with an option to "upgrade" to a metal band later on for an additional $80....but if we wait, we can buy the watch for $300 with the metal band. Shouldn't those who purchase the device early receive some sort of a discount to later purchase the metal band?? Unless the $300 option comes with BOTH bands in the box...can anyone confirm if the $300 option will come with 1 or both types of bands?

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