Neptune Suite hits Indiegogo, wants to turn your wrist into an information hub

By Jared DiPane on 16 Mar 2015 03:58 pm

In many cases the devices that we put on our wrists are simply add-ons to the main device we carry daily, our phone. Neptune wants to change the way we think of this with their latest Indiegogo campaign for the Neptune Suite. What is different here is the wearable is considered the hub, this is where all the information originates, and it has a cellular signal. Inside the Hub is a quad-core processor, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC and radios for 3G/LTE, making this your mobile phone replacement.

Along with the Hub, Neptune will have a Pocket Screen, Tab Screen, Neptune Keys, Neptune Dongle, and even Neptune Headset all as part of the Neptune Suite. With all of these accessories it makes the small screen on your wrist all that much easier to use. Last month, Neptune unveiled the Neptune Duo which paired the Hub to a dumbphone, but none of the other accessories that the Suite offers were shown off. While you will be able to send messages, scroll through RSS readers, and many other tasks, some of what you do will definitely need to be done on the bigger screens.

Having so many accessories as part of the package is great, so long as they all can work together and this is exactly what Neptune has done. The Neptune Keys can be used with the Tab Screen to crank out some emails, or paired with the Neptune Dongle plugged into the HDMI port on your TV to turn that into another screen for your Hub. The Neptune Headset is designed to look like a necklace, with the two ear-buds being magnetic so they can snap together to form a pendant of sorts.

Early access to the campaign starts now and it will set you back $600 for the complete package with anticipated shipping starting in February 2016.

Source: Indiegogo

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Neptune Suite hits Indiegogo, wants to turn your wrist into an information hub


Sounds awesome. This is the future I am waiting for. But I don't think this will be it. Promising a little too much for a good price and a little short on some important specs.