Nest gives Airbnb hosts free Learning Thermostat to help conserve energy

Airbnb partners with Nest to bring energy efficiency
By Chuong H Nguyen on 4 Sep 2014 06:41 pm

Google-owned Nest is starting to send out its Nest Learning Thermostat to Airbnb hosts around the country to help property owners conserve electricity and be more energy efficient. With Nest, property owners won't have to worry about their guests forgetting to turn off the heat or AC when they leave and the Auto-Away mode can help make properties conserve energy.

The appeal of Nest for an Airbnb host is clear: no complicated instructions for using the thermostat, no worrying about guests forgetting to turn off the heat. Hosts can set a range of temperatures for guests to use, let Auto-Away handle the energy savings, and make any adjustments they need from the Nest app.

But that's not all. Even guests can find appeal to having Nest during their stay. According to the blog, Airbnb users are more technology forward than traditional hotel guests and Nest can help guests consume 63 percent less energy.

Source: Nest