The Netatmo camera will tell you and your Apple Watch who's in your home

Netatmo camera
By Richard Devine on 4 Jan 2015 09:27 pm

Netatmo may be a name you're not so familiar with, but at CES 2015 they're on hand showing off their connected home camera system that will also support the Apple Watch as well as the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. It also boasts that it'll recognize the faces of anyone you tell it to any time that they're in your home.

Once you've told the companion app who your family and any other trusted faces are, the Netatmo will be able to recognize when those people are in your home. Since it can tell when people come and go, it'll give you a real time update of who's there at any time. If someone comes in that it doesn't recognize, perhaps to steal your TV, then the camera will ping the application with a photograph of that person.

It's not a home security system, though. You can set up a number of them around your home and even tell it when not to record someone. You can view live footage at any time of what's going on, but if you tell it not to record any one of your recognized people, it won't.

On the hardware front there's no fee because it runs from your own Wifi network, and besides iOS will support Android, Windows Phone and be available through a web app. The Apple Watch is initially the only smartwatch that will be supported. The cameras will record Full HD content with a 130-degree field of view, and all footage can be recorded to a microSD card.

Availability wise, the Netatmo should be going on sale in Q2 2014, but no pricing information available at this time.

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The Netatmo camera will tell you and your Apple Watch who's in your home