Netflix announces its first batch of recommended TVs

By Dan Thorp-Lancaster on 7 Apr 2015 04:04 pm

Netflix has announced today the first batch of "recommended TVs" as part of a program it announced during CES earlier this year. The first round of devices to score the designation include LG 4K UHD TVs with webOS 2.0, Sony Android TVs, and Roku TVs from Hisense, Insignia, and TCL.

Netflix says that the goal of the Recommended TV program is to ensure a smoother experience for the customer:

The goal of the program is to give people insight into which models meet those needs and deliver a superior smart TV experience. When you're shopping for a new TV and see the Netflix Recommended TV logo, it means that TV will offer easy access to Internet TV services, faster performance, and new features that enable a next-generation smart TV experience.

Netflix goes on to note that some of these experiences include optimizations for the Netflix app on TVs that sport the Netflix Recommended label, as well as some quality-of-life features such as the ability to turn on your TV and start Netflix with the press of a single button on Sony and Roku sets.

Source: Netflix; Via: Engadget

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Netflix announces its first batch of recommended TVs

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