The new Razer Nabu X fitness band will be budget priced at $49.99

Razer Nabu X
By John Callaham on 6 Jan 2015 09:50 am

Razer's recently launched Nabu fitness band will soon be joined by a budget-priced companion, the Razer Nabu X. Announced as part of CES 2015, the new fitness band will go on sale this spring to the general public for $49.99 but qualifed members of the Razer Insiders message board will be able to get one early on Jan. 13 for the price of just $19.99

Unlike the Razer Nabu, which has an OLED screen for notifications, the cheaper Razer Nabu X uses three LED indicators for the same purposes. Otherwise, the fitness band works the same way as its more expesnive version, and can still be paired to an Android or iOS device. Razer says:

The Nabu X's sensor module houses a highly precise accelerometer, paired with finely tuned algorithms to ensure the most accurate activity data is captured for its users. A vibration motor ensures users are discreetly notified of incoming notifications, and the three LEDs can be color-customized to indicate what type of notification is being received. The sensor module is also detachable to allow users to mix and match between three planned strap colors: black, white, and green.

Source: Razer

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The new Razer Nabu X fitness band will be budget priced at $49.99