Arrow is a new smartwatch with a 360-degree rotating camera, wireless charging and heart rate monitor

Arrow Smartwatch
By Rich Edmonds on 7 Jul 2014 05:57 am

Meet Arrow, the first smartwatch with a cool 360-degree rotating camera for taking photos and recording video at unimaginable angles. The product itself is still in its early stages of development, but details shared thus far show a feature-rich smartwatch with a bunch of neat features. What's more is the watch will also feature a round face, perfect for those who appreciate the aesthetics of the Moto 360.

Feature-wise, there's wireless charging (with an included dock) and even heart monitoring capabilities, making it possible to extend functionality by incorporating collected data into training and health apps/services. Check out the video below for a brief guided tour around the concept.

The device itself looks to be available in black, though we're sure other options will be available at launch. There are other unknowns too, including what OS the watch will power, just how much the Arrow will cost and when we will be able to purchase one. It's an interesting concept nonetheless. What are your thoughts?

Source: Arrow, via: Pocket-lint

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Looks pretty cool to me.

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Cdly App via Nexus 5

Justin Stepp

I like it

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As long as it's running Wear

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Yep! That would be a kicker for me as well.


It's pretty but what other smart tricks will it perform? What will it sync with? Google Wear device?


Good questions. It's looks nice but does its form follow it's function.

Cdly App via Nexus 5


Interesting, but I wonder how good those spy photos will be.


I like the looks very much. I own a Pebble Steel and a Pebble classic, although I wouldn't mind getting an Arrow eventually, provided it adds smartwatch functions to form (apart from rotating camera and heart monitor), as well as water resistance.

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