The PlayStation 4 gets its next big update on Tuesday

Next big PlayStation 4 update hits Tuesday
By Joseph Keller on 23 Oct 2014 03:42 pm

Sony has announced that the next software update for the PlayStation 4 will be available on Tuesday, October 28. Called Masamune, the 2.00 update will include a number of new features including background system themes.

As we have already reported, there will be a number of new additions and improvements in Masamune. PS4 users will be able to plug in a USB stick with music and play their own background music via the new USB Music Player. As stated above, users will also be able to add their own theme, and they will also be able to change the color of the standard theme to one of seven options. The content library has also been improved in this update.

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Source: PlayStation on Twitter

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The PlayStation 4 gets its next big update on Tuesday


Looking forward to the change. If only they'd release the required Bluetooth info for Logitech to make its harmony remotes compatible...

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