Nike+ FuelBand launches for Android, at long last

Nike+ FuelBand launches for Android, at long last
By Simon Sage on 17 Jun 2014 01:50 pm

Nike's Fuelband SE is now finally a viable fitness band for Android owners. The official app launched today, ready to gamify exercise. The Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Nexus 5, HTC One, and Moto X are currently supported.

In addition to estimating calorie burn, tracking time of workout, and setting goals, Fuelband awards points for your sweat, which puts you in friendly competition with any of your friends wearing one. Fair warning, though: there were rumors that Fuelband won't be supported too much longer.

Dive into our review of the latest model for a good look before taking the dive and buying one. If you're really into this stuff, be sure to check out our MobileFit content being featured throughout the month.



You can buy the Fuelband SE at the Apple store for $99, save some money. Looks like it's a permanent price drop too.

Lloyd Summers

Interesting. I wonder if the APK runs on BB10 decently...

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