Nokia is teasing us with an image of a box, with a reveal coming tomorrow

Nokia Teaser
By John Callaham on 17 Nov 2014 09:38 am

Nokia has officially reclaimed its social media accounts from Microsoft and now it is using them to offer a teaser for an upcoming product. Specifically, its Twitter and Facebook pages both posted an image earlier today of some kind of box with the company's logo on top, with a full reveal planned for tomorrow, November 18.

The image was accompanied by the statement, "Guess what? We're up to something.", with a couple of hashtags: "#thinkingahead" and "#Slush14". That last one is a reference to a tech conference called Slush that's being held in Finland on Tuesday, where Sebastian Nyström, the Head of Product Business at Nokia Technologies, is scheduled to speak later that day.

So what does Nokia have in mind for this product reveal? The case looks like a set-top TV box so it's possible that Nokia is making an Android TV device, but it's also possible that this could be some kind of Windows desktop design. It might be a Chromebox, or something with Nokia's own set-top software, or just a media streamer. What do you think this mysterious product might be?

Source: Nokia (Twitter), (Facebook)

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Nokia is teasing us with an image of a box, with a reveal coming tomorrow


I hope it's a Chromebox or Android TV. If it is an Android TV device, I'll buy it if it has HDMI passthrough and webcam support.

Hoping it is a Chromebox. Does everything the Android TV does except gaming. But I do like the X Launcher so would be interesting to see that on an Android TV box.

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