Nuance mHealth wants fitness and health tracking to act on spoken word

By Russell Holly on 7 Jan 2015 11:22 am

Fitness tracking is all about letting a gadget of some description help you quantify your actions throughout the day, but in most cases using this tech requires a lot of focused attention and effort on the part of the users. As long as you remember to enter in your meals, set your tech to the right mode when you are working out, and most importantly keep your gear charged. It's a surprising amount of work when you consider the information you get back is fairly limited in use, which is why so many companies at CES this year are focused on trying to make the input bits easier to deal with. The prototype solution we see here on the i.amPULS is elegant in its simplicity. Instead of typing in everything you've done or configuring your settings, this app lets you just speak to your wrist and let the software do all the work.

It'll be a little while before you're admitting to your smartwatch just how many beers you had during the game last night, but that just gives you time to figure out how to avoid sounding guilty as your wrist computer tallies up the calories.

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