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Oculus VR's latest prototype headset is Crescent Bay

Oculus VR's latest prototype headset is Crescent Bay

There's a new version of the Oculus Rift headset on the way, and it's been dubbed Crescent Bay. The headset builds on the previous Oculus developer kit (Crescent Bay is the third) with even an more immersive experience. In addition to a new display, Crescent Bay features 360° head tracking (that'...
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Oculus Rift VR helmet sales suspended in China due to reselling

Oculus VR has announced that it has suspended sales of its Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet in China, after evidence showed that the hardware was being resold heavily in that country. The current version of the Oculus Rift is only supposed to be sold to game and software developers who want...
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Oculus to begin shipping latest Rift developer kit this month

Oculus has announced that it would begin shipping the latest Rift virtual reality headset, which is dubbed the DK2 (Developer Kit #2), later this month. The DK2 went on pre-order this March for $350, eventually crossing over 45,000 sales, of which 12,000 pre-orders came in the first 36 hours....
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Samsung reportedly collaborating with Oculus on VR headset

Earlier last week, it was revealed that Samsung was working on its own VR headset, and that the manufacturer was working on getting its product available to the masses before a consumer version of the Oculus Rift hits stores. A new report from Engadget states that Samsung is in fact seeking...
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Oculus strapping a camera onto the Rift VR headset to track your hands

Oculus Rift is great for tracking the movement of your head, but soon it could be tracking the rest of your body too. Right now the bevy of sensors inside the headset are able to track the movement of your head in all three dimensions, but to move yourself around you need to use the buttons and...
Oculus Rift drafted by Norwegian Army for tanker duty

Oculus Rift drafted by Norwegian Army for tanker duty

It turns out there's more you can do with an Oculus Rift than just play games in virtual reality; you can also drive a tank. A real tank. That's what the Norwegian Army's Battle Lab and Experimentation group has been doing recently. They've outfitted an M113 armored personnel carrier with four...